Outrageous, Break-Your-Ankle Platform Heels Are Trending

A long time ago, my mom sat me down and shed some of her wisdom. Apparently, there are two types of shoes in the world: shoes that were made for walking and shoes that, were, well, definitely not. They're "sitting" shoes, she told me, describing pairs that'll give you blisters and make you wobble like a baby deer — and you should probably avoid them if you can.

Well, mom, I'm sorry, because Olivia Rodrigo is making me want a pair of sitting shoes really, really bad.

Of course, when the Gen Z singer took a trip to the White House to chat about the COVID-19 vaccine, the world couldn't stop staring at her Elle Woods, vintage Chanel suit, which is literally from the Spring 1995 collection (which, yes, is way before Rodrigo was born). But in reality, the most impressive part of this ensemble were the Giuseppe Zanotti heels, which featured a really risky platform and block heel, which could have easily led to a tumble. Rodrigo, however, walked with ease — very unlike me around her age, wearing similar (but way cheaper) footwear and grabbing onto the nearest human in order to make it to a bar on a cobblestone street.

Anyway, there's no denying that these impractical $525 heels are incredibly cute and despite learning my lesson years ago — like, back when platforms were a major trend in 2012 — I'm tempted to give them another go. It also doesn't help that Florence Pugh was also spotted in a similar Versace pair during her Black Widow press tour, while Kelly Rowland went full disco queen for a performance of her song "Finally (Cannot Hide It)," wearing an eye-catching silver option from Lidow Archive.

Plus, Ariana Grande, who is always on top of the cutest fashion trends, also wore a super-chunky, sky-high Versace heel for her skit with James Corden back in June. Thankfully, she remembered to highlight the outrageous design via Instagram photo.

Even H.E.R. wore a sleek, yet playful, pair of platform Stuart Weitzman heels at the 2021 BET Awards. They added something fun to her outfit and were the perfect way to complete her all-black look.

The good news is you don't have to shell out hundreds of dollars if you, like me, are tempted to test out this celeb-loved footwear trend. Perhaps we can start with a $100 Steve Madden pair and see how we feel or practice walking in an $80 Chinese Laundry pick before we splurge on Rodrigo's version.

There's also the possibility of going the other Gen Z-approved route and following TikTok's Charli D'Amelio's lead. In her latest Louis Vuitton LV Squad campaign, she appears next to Emma Chamberlain while wearing platforms, but they're of the sneaker-boot variety, which is a much more walkable version of the trend.

Either way, this shoe style fits right in with all of the chaotic bottom halves happening at the moment, and proves that while heels may have disappeared for a while, they're back — and (literally) bigger than before.

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