Pandora has a new Star Wars collection with Baby Yoda & Darth Vader charms

STAR Wars is arguably a cult classic but people fell in love with the characters all over again after Baby Yoda was unveiled in The Mandalorian. 

If it rekindled your love for the empire, you can now get all your favourite faces from the franchise as a charm. 

Pandora has released a new Star Wars collection, with old friends such as C-3PO and R2D2 alongside recent additions such as BB-8. 

Unveiling the new range, Pandora said: “Be tempted by the dark side with the Darth Vader charm and make your dark allegiance known. 

“Team with the Star Wars bracelet and other heroes from the galaxy for a powerful look.” 

You’ll be pleased to hear the popular Baby Yoda is the cheapest in the range at £45.

  • Star Wars The Child Charm, Pandora, £45 – buy now

Pandora said: “The charm is hand-finished in sterling silver with hand-applied black enamel and conveys the popular character from the series The Mandalorian and his signature features, including an enlarged head with black eyes, large ears, small body and cloak.”

The humanoid droid is the most expensive in the collection at £70 – as it’s finished in an 18k gold-plated metal blend to give C-3PO his iconic golden look. 

Describing the piece, the website said: “This charm features an enlarged head and smaller body with movable legs and arms decorated with mechanical details.”

  •  Star Wars C-3PO Charm, Pandora, £70 – buy now

  • Star Wars Chewbacca Charm, Pandora, £45 – buy now

Loveable Chewwie is also £45, but if you were always drawn to the dark side you can show your allegiance to Darth Vader with a charm shaped like his iconic helmet, for just £55. 

Newcomer BB-8, which was introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, costs £60 and is finished with orange enamel to capture its distinctive look. 

Fellow friendly robot R2-D2 also costs £60, with Pandora saying: “The charm brings him to life with moving head and arms and engraved machine details.”

  • Star Wars BB-8 Charm, Pandora, £60 – buy now

  • Star Wars R2-D2 Dangle Charm, Pandora, £60 – buy now

  •  Star Wars Darth Vader Charm, Pandora, £55 – buy now

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