People are just realising what the extra shoelace holes are for on trainers and it’s blowing their minds | The Sun

YOU'VE probably laced up your trusty trainers hundreds of times before and not thought twice about it.

But some people are only just realising what the extra shoelace holes are for and it's blowing their minds.

It turns out, unless you're actually using your trainers for running or other exercise, you probably don't need to ever use the extra holes.

That's because they're there for some added support when you move to stop your heel slipping out of the shoe – who knew?

Posting on Instagram, @sydneyraz said: "This little hole is called a heel lock and you're supposed to use it."

Simply thread your laces through the extra holes, making the the laces go into the opposite side holes.


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Then pull the laces tight and tie them as you usually would.

After trying it out, Sydney was impressed by how much more secure his feet felt in the shoes.

And others couldn't believe they didn't realise that's what the extra holes are really for.

One commented on the clip: "I always wondered what the extra hole is for on my shoes, interesting."

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A second said: "I never thought of typing my shoes like that, thank you!"

"The laces trick is a game changer if you're a runner," a third wrote.

Another agreed: "All runners should know about this already."

"It's made it give your ankles more support," someone else said.

"I'd use that heel lock drink if the laces were ever long enough," another Instagram user said.

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