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YOU'VE had a long day and the last thing on your mind is spending hours in the kitchen – so instead, you turn to microwave.

But as much as we love this appliance – also known as chef Mike – the annoying beeping can be quite frustrating.

Fortunately, there is an easy trick to switch it off – and social media users are going crazy over it.

One of those who gave this trick a go was Dustin Hadley, better known to his 197k fans as That40yearguy on Instagram and TikTok.

According to him, all you need to do is press button number two for five seconds – and that's it, it will silence the buttons.

The man then set the timer for a few seconds to see if it actually worked – and there was no beeping whilst the food was cooking or when it was done.

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Baffled, Dustin said: ''You're telling that for 40 years I've been fighting that microwave sound? No way.''

With over a whopping 38.2million views, the clip has certainly been a hit amongst fellow foodies, many of whom thanked Dustin for sharing the life-changing hack.

''Midnight snacks no longer will be heard!'' chuckled one fan.

Another was just as stunned by the discovery, writing: ''The more I’m on social media the more I feel like I been under a rock my whole life.''

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However, not everyone seemed to be sold on the idea – some pointed out to potential downfalls of switching the beeping off.

''I would forget I put something in there and find it 3 days later,'' an Instagram user said.

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''It didn’t work for me cause my 2 is express cook option,'' a fourth commented.

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One mum, Christina (@glamfarmhouse), who shares all things parenting and DIY hacks on TikTok, claimed the right placement makes all the difference.

The savvy parent took it to social media to reveal the food hack, where it's gone viral, leaving viewers completely stunned.

''Did you know that when you're heating something in the microwave, such as soup, to not put right in the middle?''

''You want to put it on the side.''

Christina then went on to explain the reason: ''That way whenever it is rotating in the microwave as it is heating, it is getting evenly heated.''

This easy swap, she claimed, means that foodies won't be left with ''spotches of cold spots''.

''It’s a microWAVE meaning it sends waves of heat which are uneven so this allows a more even heating to the food,'' Christina added in the comments.

Captioned ''The more you know'', the clip has taken social media platform by storm and has racked up a whopping 1.7million views.

Shocked by the discovery, internet users ran to thank the parent.

''Finally, 10,000 hours of TikTok and I finally found one piece of useful information!!!!'' a person exclaimed.

''Life changing information,'' another added.

Someone else penned: ''been doing this for years, it makes sense if you understand how microwaves work.''

A fourth wrote: ''It’s true people. The actual microwaves do not move uniformly so the more your food travels the better.''

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