Professional cleaner reveals how often you should REALLY be cleaning your loo brush – but sparks debate over her method

YOU might remember to tackle your grimy loo when you get around to cleaning your bathroom, but how often do you clean your toilet brush?

A professional cleaner says we should be tackling the task at least once a week – and definitely every time to clean the loo itself.

Australian cleaner Kacie from The Big Clean Co showed how she gets the job done in a clip she posted on TikTok.

But people took aim at her cleaning method and reckon it's kind of gross.

"How often are you cleaning your toilet brush and toilet brush holder?" she said in the video.

"I've seen some pretty bad ones in my time, they should be cleaned as often as you clean the toilet – and hopefully you clean the toilet fairly often.

"But I know, people let it go and it gets gross."

In the video, which has been viewed more than 90,000 times, she uses a cleaning spray – which she didn't reveal – to clean the brush and it's holder – while wearing gloves.

But the cleaner tackles the task in the bathroom sink and people seriously disapproved.

"Eww the sink and around the tap needs a good scrubbing," one person wrote.

"Just buy a new one. No way would I wash it in my sink. At least do it outside!" said another.

A third suggested: "How about cleaning it in the laundry trough"

Meanwhile, others suggested cleaning the item in the garden with the hose rather than in the bathroom or laundry sink.

In response to the negative comments, Kacie said throwing out dirty toilet brushes isn't an environmentally friendly option – so cleaning them is always best.

"Why is the sink always such a problem for people?" she joked, clearly not too bothered.

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