Shoppers are going wild for B&M’s' MARBLE cooking utensils – and prices start from £1.50

THESE days, you can't scroll through your Instagram feed without encountering marble homeware of some kind – trust us, it's a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

But if you're looking for a small way to work the marble trend into your home without spending thousands on a whole new kitchen, then we suggest heading down to your local B&M ASAP.

We've spotted these slotted marble kitchen utensils in store and they're marbleous! Great for jazzing up your kitchen?! Thanks to for snapping this pic in store! They're just £1.50 each! (SC: 354282)

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That's right, the budget-friendly superstore is selling marble-effect kitchen utensils for just £1.50 – but we can't imagine they'll stay in stock for long.

And we'll admit it, we've never been this excited to buy a spoon before.

The chic new range contains four essential utensils – a serving spoon, slotted spatula, potato masher and slotted spoon.

And rather than making customers buy the whole set, each utensil costs £1.50 individually and has a long white marble-effect handle.

  • Marble Kitchen Utensils, £1.50 from B&M – see here

Better still, there's even a hook at the end to hang them up to dry – rather than just shoving them in the drawer after a quick rinse in the sink… *guilty as charged*

Needless to say, the dishwasher friendly range has sent B&M fans into a absolute frenzy after the brand shared a picture of the products on their Instagram page.

One shopper commented: "I need these for my kitchen!"

Tagging a mate in the comments, another added: "Marble mad!"

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