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A WOMAN turned to the internet to ask for help on what to buy her husband for Christmas, as she said she wanted to know what men really want to open on the big day.

But the responses left her – and plenty of others – more confused than to start with.

TikTok user Abbie Herbert said she was completely out of inspiration on what should be waiting for her man under the Christmas tree.

So, in a last ditch attempt to get the gift right, she decided to ask those who knew best.

Abbie, who can be found via her social media profile @abbieherbert, recorded a video of herself, and her man in the background. 

She then explained a little bit about him, and just how hard he was to buy presents for.

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She asked: “Anyone recommend a gift for husbands who don’t drink alcohol, can’t grow a beard, don't wear suits, hates golf, and thinks grilling ruins food?

“Asking for a wife that’s struggling,” she added.

Abbie later gave some more details about her hubby, as she wrote: “Anyone relate?

“He loves to cook, clean, and take bubble baths.” 

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It didn’t take long for the suggestions to come flying into the comment section, with many men getting involved in the lively discussion.

But there were a couple of gift ideas that came up more than most – and neither of them were expected.

But what were the bizarre suggestions? Many men suggested testosterone, or – failing that – a box of tampons. 

When one person commented “testosterone”, Abbie replied and said: “funny”.

Meanwhile, after spotting the comments crop up more than five times each, another added: “Are the comments jokes or are they being serious because that’s crazy.” 

Luckily, others were on hand to save the day and gave some genuinely helpful gift ideas.

One person said: “Legos? Videogames? An acoustic guitar for beginners (a cheap one)? Tickets for some sports game or a concert?”

A second said: “A spa experience together – make beautiful memories.”

And a third wrote: “Nice watch? Hoody? A book? A ride in a maserati? So many other options. Good luck!”

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While others picked up on the fact that he appeared to be cooking in the background so thought a good kitchen knife could be a good idea.

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