Style pro shares ‘life-changing’ hack to get your tracksuit bottoms to the perfect length & all you need is a hair tie | The Sun

HAVE you ever bought a tracksuit, only to find that it’s far too long in the leg for your body? 

One fashion fan found herself with the exact predicament, but later discovered a great style hack so that she could tailor it to her. 

Social media user lazuli, whose TikTok profile is @lazulilbel, said the trick worked a treat every time.

She also added that it was particularly helpful for shorter women who tend to have this problem more than others. 

In a video posted to their account, lazuli, told their 33.6k followers that it takes just seconds but is a “life-changing style hack for my short girlies that love sweatpants.”

They then recorded themselves demonstrating how it is done. 

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The first thing to do is take a plain hair tie that has a lot of stretch to it. 

Next, lazuli explained: “Put the hair band around your leg”. 

She showed how she placed it above her sock where your calves meet your ankles. 

The third step is to “fold the jogger/ sweatpant over the hair band.”

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Once this part is done, simply keep folding upwards until you have your desired length.

Lazuli added that she knew it would come in extremely handy, as she wrote: “Thank me later.” 

And it seems her prediction was correct, as the video racked up 7654 likes and counting. 

Social media users and fellow fashion fans were also quick to comment. 

One wrote: “Life saver.”

A second said: “Genius.” 

A third was equally complimentary about the trick, as they typed: “I NEED THIS HACK.”

While other TikTokers tagged their friends and family to help spread the word. 

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One even expanded on the tip by telling women the exact hair tie that can help – and all you need is a trip to the supermarket.

They said: “Asda do the bigger hair ties for thick hair. I use these for my trousers that are too long.”

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