The 15 Best Affordable Jewelry Brands to Shop Right Now

A wise-but-fictional man by the name of Benjamin Barry — portrayed by Matthew McConaughey in the 2003 rom-com How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days — once declared, "Ladies, frost yourselves." The phrase has stuck with me ever since. It was meant to be both a proclamation and serve as words of encouragement: no one need wait around for a significant other to dress them in jewels; you can treat yourself to something lavish at any time, for any occasion (or no occasion at all!).

Unfortunately, accessorizing doesn't come cheap. But thanks to the best affordable jewelry brands on the market, a thrifty fashion lover is still able to get their frost on as they see fit, all within their set budget.

The jewelry market is highly saturated, which does make finding quality pieces for the right price a bit tricky. The key to keeping within your budget when searching for bling? Knowing the type of jewelry you're looking for. Fine jewelry, for example, will typically cost more money because it's made from precious materials (think gold, silver, platinum) and also encrusted with jewels, like diamonds and sapphires. Fashion jewelry, or costume jewelry, on the other hand, is gold plated over materials like copper, zinc, and bronze. Then, there's semi-fine jewelry, the happy medium between the two, which is typically made from a base of sterling silver and plated with gold.

Once you have a good idea of what type of accessory you're shopping for, you can refine your search. However, you don't need to search for hours to find the best affordable jewelry brands that fit your specific needs. Below, I've rounded up some of my go-to's for accessories under $150, so you can snag your new statement piece at a reasonable price.


You've likely seen or have heard of Mejuri through social media — influencers can't get enough of the jewelry brand, and for good reason. It was founded by third-generation jeweler Noura Sakkijha with the intention of making fine jewelry accessible to both men and women, and wearable for every day. "It's you — your daily style signatures, your decisions to buy yourself the damn diamond," that drives the brand forward. Its mission is to bring high-quality, fine jewelry to your collection at an affordable cost, with prices starting as low as $25.


For anyone who loves to layer necklaces and stack bracelets and rings, there's gorjana. Founded in Laguna Beach, California by husband and wife duo Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel, gorjana is an affordable jewelry brand that understands the more bling, the better (there are even guides to layering on the website). Prices range from $20 to $1,800 and offerings include everything from engravable accessories to fine jewelry. Plus, should you be in the market for a health tracker that's more stylish than sporty, you can also snag a gorgeous gorjana-designed Fitbit link bracelet for under $100.

Uncommon James

As someone who just finished watching Laguna Beach and The Hills from start to finish, I'm well aware of how late I am to the Kristin Cavallari fan club (like, 18 years late). Regardless, I got there. I read her book Balancing in Heels from cover to cover, look to her for gluten-free recipe inspiration, and gush over her jewelry brand, Uncommon James. Cavallari's accessories line is both affordable and stunning — you get what you pay for and then some with these everyday staples. My personal favorite from the collection is the Poppy necklace, but there are so many pieces to choose from in categories like earrings, rings, and bracelets. The brand also recently launched a build-your-own-stack feature, where you can choose three necklaces, earrings, or bracelets and receive 20 percent off your order.

Ana Luisa

Like Mejuri, Ana Luisa is another affordable jewelry brand that's garnered a lot of attention on social media. The brand prioritizes its customers and the planet just as much as its product, resulting in quality pieces sourced from recycled materials that are never unnecessarily marked up. Best-sellers include the Suzanne Huggie Hoop Earrings, INA Herringbone Chain Necklace, and ID Slim Bracelet.

Made by Mary

Each precious Made by Mary piece is hand-cut, stamped, shaped, assembled, and packaged by the Made by Mary team stationed in Draper, Utah, and is designed with sustainable metals and materials. I received a customized initial bar necklace over the holidays and loved the sentiment, but the brand makes accessories across the board, from hoop earrings to birthstone studs, stackable bracelets, and statement rings (the Hammered Cigar Band is a personal favorite). And the best part? Prices start at $12 and, currently, do not exceed $160 (before tax).

Esh Jewelry

As far as I'm concerned, Esh Jewelry is the number one spot for affordably priced statement earrings, so you'll want to head over to this Etsy shop pronto if that's your fancy. The Black-owned boutique was founded by Tasha Hussey and churns out handmade jewelry made with semi-precious stones, 14k gold-filled parts, lightweight acetate, and wood pieces. And don't be fooled: these accessories may cost less than $100, but every single one is a priceless piece of art. From rectangular hoops to globe necklaces, there's a statement to be made for every style.

Kendra Scott

If you don't know Kendra Scott by name, you probably recognize the pendant necklace that became the brand's signature thanks to social media (you couldn't scroll through your feed without seeing this stunning, yet fit-for everyday wear, accessory). According to the company's story on the site, Scott created her namesake brand because she saw a void in the market for "quality styles and stones at an affordable price." Her pieces are designed with natural stones and shells and are considered an affordable luxury. The jewelry line does feature higher price points (some over $1,000), but you can snag some really beautiful accessories for as little as $40.  

Maple & J

Maple & J bangles are beautiful pieces of jewelry that make a statement, no matter if you wear them solo or stacked. They're the kind of accessories you put on one day and never take off, no matter if you're bathing, swimming, or even exercising, and there are options for everyone — women, men, and children. Personal favorites include the Disc Necklace, Riggins Chain Bracelet, and Yellow Gold MJ Bangle.


Océanne's offerings start at just $16, and its most expensive piece costs less than $140. But while this affordable jewelry brand may not be expensive on paper, each intricate design definitely appears pricy. Founder Anne Harrill has been creating since childhood, growing up in France and crafting vintage-inspired jewels for flea markets, craft shows, and, of course, loved ones. From stone-clad rings to stamped bar necklaces, layering chains, and celestial charms, there's an accessory for every style on the site, and each one makes for the perfect statement piece, celebratory gift, or everyday staple. 

Sit & Wonder

For pretty anklets not made from bead and string, there's Sit & Wonder. The brand has unique offering in all categories — bracelets, rings, and necklaces — but I'm partial to its foot accessories that make the early aughts trend feel all grown up. Sydney-based designer, Emily Ko founded the brand to deliver dainty, fine jewelry at an attainable price, and she's succeeded. Her pieces are made in small batches to reduce waste and hand-crafted to ensure quality.


Subscription services are an awesome way to score deals on pretty much everything you can imagine, including jewelry. Rocksbox is a personal favorite. It's a jewelry rental membership that, for only $21 per month, allows you to wear and experience a variety of brands (think Slate, Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, Sophie Harper, and more), for a fraction of the cost. You can hand select your picks, or entrust a stylist to choose a set for you, and if you love what you receive, you'll have access to discounts and can use your monthly credit to make a purchase.


Ask any fashion fan where they got those bold statement earrings, whether they're Disney-themed or a bottle of rosé, and they're bound to tell you BaubleBar. Its easy to scroll through the site and discover quirky, standout costume options that ring in under $100 or even $50 — especially when there's a sale (which do come around fairly often)! — but if you're looking for something simpler or special, you can also browse its fine jewels section, too.

Notte Jewelry

Notte Jewelry's founder, Jessica Tse, used to be an accessories trend director, and that expert knowledge of what's cool and timeless definitely comes across while shopping. Not only does this mix include playful pieces, like a $122 strand of pearls complete with smiley faces, you'll also spot staples with standout twists, such as $46 flower charm hoops, which will no doubt remain a prized possession for years to come.


It's easy to write off chain necklaces as something that, if you've seen one, you've essentially seen them all, but that's simply not the case when it comes to Yam. Its $58 brass interlocked choker is one that begs closer inspection, and many of the pieces use industrial hardware and pearl elements in a way that feels both vintage and new. Although they're extremely versatile, these accessories also include "cheeky and charming nature motifs," and might just be the extra oomph your look needs.

Frasier Sterling

If you've Googled celebrity accessories as of late, chances are you've come across affordable jewelry brand Frasier Sterling. Halsey loves the earrings, Vanessa Hudgens loves the rings, and those looking to spruce up their collection with some colorful, budget-friendly enamel pieces will love the under-$30 section.

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