The $60 Outfit You’ll Wear at Least 20 Times This Summer

Our Favorite 2-Piece Summer Outfit Only Costs $60

Stifling clothes are the last things you want to put on your body in the hottest and stickiest weather, but alas, we must all clothe ourselves, even in the thick of Summer. While breathable dresses from vacation styles to office-approved silhouettes are always high on our priority list, easy-but-cute basics rank just as high for off-duty moments like weekends, vacations, casual parties, outdoor festivals, and hangs.

An effortless combo we love? Denim shorts and a camisole, particularly a square-neck cami that captures the spirit of the ’90s (which, clearly, we just can’t get enough of right now). Whether worn with sneakers, sandals, or minimalist strappy heels (another nostalgic look we’re here for), the two-piece outfit exudes an easy nonchalance that works just as well for laid-back days as it does dressier Summer occasions.

Grabbing drinks with friends? It works. Swinging by a beach bonfire? So perfect. Attending a Summer soiree? Oh yes indeedy. See? So versatile and a fairly sweat-proof look you can feel comfortable in in 90+ degrees.

Now, here’s the real convincing part: you can shop this outfit combo ahead of Summer for $60 thanks to the POPSUGAR at Kohl’s collection’s new April drop. Featuring two camisoles in a classic-but-modern stripe and playful cherry print and the comfiest paperbag-waist denim shorts, you can shop all three pieces for a grand total of $90 (!!!) or stick to your favorite print on top and call it a day.

Ahead, shop the heat-proof pieces and plan to wear them at least 20 times before Summer’s end.

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