The moment woman realises she’s dating the most disrespectful guy & the gross morning that gave her the wake up call | The Sun

FROM bad table manners to gross hygiene issues, we've all had our fair share of dating horror stories.

However, one woman made have just topped them all after revealing how a date she ended up bringing home wet the bed – and to make matters even worse, he didn't clean up after himself.

Not only that, but he also became angry with her when she addressed the subject….and had the cheek to call her "disrespectful."

Calling in to Australian radio show Triple J for their Hook Up segment, she explained to hosts Dee Salmin and Pip Rasmussen: "A guy I was sleeping with only for a couple of weeks p***ed in my bed one night when I was there, didn't clean up after himself and expected me to do it all.

"And then when we went for coffee afterwards, he let me pay for my coffee."

She continued: "It's not even an apology, [nor] an apology coffee, nothing like that and then so I had to spend the whole day cleaning up the p***y sheets and it wasn't even my p***."



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While many would quickly get the hint that the date just wasn't working out, the woman claimed her suitor was totally oblivious.

"And then he thought that we were just going to continue sleeping together and when I kind of tried to let him go and say that it was a bit disrespectful that I had to clean up after him, he told me that I was disrespectful," she said.


"I was like, 'Bro, you p***ed in my bed'."

Unsurprisingly, the hosts were full of questions and were eager to know why he claimed she was the one being disrespectful.

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"Because I sent a text message and he said it was disrespectful that I didn't call him to have the conversation," she explained.

The clip was shared to the podcast's Instagram page, with many left gobsmacked by the stomach-churning revelation.

"Was a victim of this myself a couple times. It's that disgusting," wrote one.

A second asked: "Bro how do you even go for coffee afterwards? P***ing in the bed without a medical reason is where I draw the line lmao what a story."

A third added: "People have zero accountability for their own lives. She's nicer than me. I would have instantly blocked his number."

Meanwhile, a fourth saw the funny side and joked: "P***ing in the bed is a commitment move, I'm happy and settled and marking my territory, happy days."

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