This One Small Switch Will Make Your Old Fall Outfits Look Brand New

Every time we enter a new season, we're tempted to go on a mini shopping spree. Deep down, we feel that strong urge to refresh our wardrobe and buy something new — regardless of we actually need it.

For fall 2021, however, we've realized that the best outfits actually revolve around pieces that are already in our closet. It's all about staples, from basic button-downs to oversized trousers, mixed with seasonal classics such as knit sweaters and pops of plaid.

But there's one item that'll take all your pre-owned and re-worn looks up a notch this year, so much that it's worth a purchase. If you could use that little dose of oomp, perhaps it's time to invest in a bold pair of boots. Shockingly bright colored or metallic boots can instantly turn an otherwise simple outfit into something way more eye-catching and fun, and can instantly make your old clothes feel fresh and new.

Such not-so-simple shoes have already been approved by top celebrity stylists, so we've been spotting them on our favorite street style stars for weeks now, giving us plenty of inspiration for how to wear them.

Wear Bright Boots With a Basic Dress

Bright boots speak for themselves, so you won't need to stress about the rest of your look — a simple shirtdress will do!

Use Colored Boots to Colorblock

A bold-colored pair of boots is an easy way to nail spring 2022's colorblocking trend as well as make your winter wardrobe a bit more playful.

Swap Out Brown Boots for a Lively Sweater-Dress Look

A sweaterdress is one of the quickest, most reliable fall outfits (and on cooler days, all you need to add is a pair of tights). But coziness can quickly err on the side of drab. Send your bland brown boots packing, instead pairing a bold pair to make this go-to outfit feel fashion-forward.

Give Neutrals a Statement-Making Splash

If your closet is full of neutral button-downs, blazers, and trousers that you plan to get good use out of this fall, a bright pair of boots will work to give these staples a quick boost.

Pair Bold Boots with Coordinated Prints

Color coordinate or keep things in the same color family to ensure that even with just two pieces, your outfit is interesting.

Create an Eye-Catching Pop

Many of us tend to gravitate toward the color black as things cool off and the weather gets gloomy. A bright pair of boots is a great way to add some joy and excitement to any dark look.

Opt for a Metallic Pair Instead

You might be surprised how versatile a pair of gold or silver boots can be. Metallics are secretly neutral and pair well with everything, yet will still give your outfit a bit of oomph each time you slip them on.

Find Something That Suits Your Personal Style

The key with cool, statement-making boots is finding something that works for what's in your own wardrobe. You'll want a pair that you'll get good use out of, whether it's something super bright, like this $238 green option from Schutz, or a sturdy silver pick, like Dries Van Noten's $1,095 knee-high design. You also might find that animal print, such as Nasty Gal's $32 Zebra Block Heel pair, is more versatile that you'd think, and that sparkly embellishments, which we've seen in Paris Texas' $1,490 suede knee-high boots, can make even the most casual outfit feel fancy. The ways to follow this fall trend are endless.

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