Trolls compare me to an ‘elephant’ because I’m a plus-size Barbie who loves tiny bikinis – they’ll never stop me | The Sun

A CURVY bikini fanatic who's been brutally said to look like an 'elephant'and a 'walrus' has compared herself to the likes of the Barbie.

Plus-size style enthusiast Isla, who describes her body as ''pretty thick'', is not here to hide her chunky curves behind oversized garments – in fact, she's not afraid to do the opposite.

Whilst cruel trolls on Instagram reckon she's responsible for causing earthquakes, the stunner is here to proudly flaunt her figure in teeny bikinis and skimpy dresses – and looks like there's no stopping her any time soon.

Isla, who believes she's a real-life Barbie, regularly shares snaps of herself posing in skin-tight garments and daring low-cut tops.

Although she's not revealed her relationship status and whether there's a Romeo in her life, the plus-size fashionista is always ready for a date.

If you're lucky to head for a few drinks or the cinema with the stunner, Isla revealed she would go all out, sporting a figure-hugging mini frock with a busty display.



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''Y’all better come up here and get one of these,'' Isla chuckled in the caption, chatting to an army of hopeful romantics.

However, whilst the curvy style enthusiast, believed to be from the USA, has amassed more than one fan, Isla's also been the centre of vicious trolling over her body shape.

The stunner, who says she's living ''in a Barbie world'', has been cruelly compared to a number of gigantic animals, including a walrus and an elephant.

One meanie, for instance, even advised Isla to best start exercising, demanding in the comments: ''Hit the gym girl.''

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Someone else chimed in: ''Nope , you need to chill with all the jelly belly action.''

Another troll reckoned Isla's curves made her look like a ''bloated sausage''.

''I admire her confidence, she don't even know what a diet is,'' a fourth penned.

Isla hasn't yet responded to all the harsh remarks and keeps sharing body positivity content on her page, which has won her close to a staggering 83k followers.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum is the slim beach babe only known as TikTok user Juicy Tail, who was recently trolled over her flat chest.

But despite the growing movement of accepting and loving all body shapes, the young dancer, from Brazil, has been told her boobs are so small, she may as well be a surfboard.

In one such video, which has taken TikTok by storm, Juicy Tail cold be seen walking on the beach rocking a bikini and soaking up the sun.

However, it wasn't long before savage bullies flocked to comments to leave rude remarks.

''Maybe they'll still grow?'' one wondered.

''Something's missing,'' another chimed in.

''Why wear the top part?'' a third was totally baffled.

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''What even is there to cover?'' a fourth wanted to know.

Luckily, it seems that the young woman is not bothered by the mockery, as she continues to share snaps of herself enjoying the breath-taking landscape.

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