Woman issues warning after she gets chemical burns on her cheeks following botched facial treatment

A WOMAN has warned others to properly research into any treatments they're looking to have, after she was left with burns on her cheeks following a botched microneedling treatment.

TikTok user Kaleigh was seen desperately seeking advice from fellow beauty lovers and claimed her face 'feels likes it's on fire' after being left red raw.

She shared a video online – that has been watched over 2.8million times – where she revealed the damage to her face post-treatment.

Her skin looked enflamed and was red across her cheeks and chin, with Kaleigh claiming she was 'struggling to eat and smile' as a result.

"I got microneedling done," she explained while showing off the burn marks on her face.

She said: "My face was on fire. I am struggling to eat and smile. Ouch. Applied aloe vera to help."

While the redness appeared to go down, Kaleigh was still left with scabs and marks on her face, which were later confirmed to be burns, adding: "My face is still like this, please could I have some advice."

Kaleigh had wanted to get microneedling to tackle "pigmentation and redness" on her skin and had previously sent photos to the clinic, who she says advised the treatment would be "helpful" to her.

Thousands commented on her post and were left shocked, with one person commenting: "Omg. That's put me off. I've been thinking about getting this treatment."

Another said: "No way is that normal, hope it clears soon for ya."

A beautician who came across Kaleigh's video shared: "She's gone way too deep and gone over the same areas way too much! I've never had a client's face turn like this and I do it all the time."

"Oh god that looks so painful, hope you heal up quickly," added one person.

Others urged Kaleigh to get back in touch with the salon where she'd had the treatment to get a refund, while some suggested she headed to the hospital to have her face checked out.

Sharing an update in a follow-up video, Kaleigh explained that she spoke to a skin clinic and a number of professionals to get their advice, as well as a nurse at her local hospital who confirmed that she'd suffered burns to her face.

"I think the reason for the burn is that the girl who did the microneedling used rubbing alcohol on my face after the procedure," claimed Kaleigh as she confirmed she is being refunded for the treatment.

Warning others, she added: "If you are looking to do this in the future, please just research the person you're going to and look at their previous work.

"Make sure they are fully trained and they know exactly what they're talking [about] because this is just awful."

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