Woman questions why McDonald's nugget boxes have holes in the side, and the answer might surprise you | The Sun

HAVE you ever wondered why McDonald's nugget shareboxes have little holes on the sides?

Well, if you have, you certainly aren't alone.

Rachel Anderson took to TikTok to share a video in which she referenced the fact that baby animals are often transported in boxes with similar "air holes".

"Why do McDonald's put these little holes on the side of the box?" she said, pointing to the holes on the sides of her 20 McChicken Nugget Sharebox.

"Is it not like a little bit too late for that?"

"Seriously McDonald’s?" she added in her caption.

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While lots of people in the comments section understood her joke, others took the opportunity to share the actual reason for the holes being there.

"It's so the steam doesn't stay in and give you soggy nuggs," one wrote.

"So that air can flow thru keeping them from getting soft," another added.

"Lets the steam get out so they don’t go soggy," a third reasoned.

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And someone else commented: "I know this is a joke but in all seriousness they're on there to stop condensation from heat which makes them soggy."

While another person wrote: "Everyone in the comments giving the legit answer and completely missing the joke."

Alongside the proper answers were numerous joke ones, with one person writing: "It's so they can breathe of course, otherwise the nuggets would suffocate."

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"it's to insure they get cold before you eat em," someone else added.

"Its so the bugs can get in," another commented.

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