Woman shares amazing way Starbucks barista came to her rescue when she was being harassed in store

A WOMAN has shared the amazing way a Starbucks barista came to her rescue when she was being harassed in one of their stores.

The woman sat in her car after the incident to film her video as thanks to the chain for handling the situation so professionally.

Taking to social media, the woman who goes by the name of Ave, shared the moment where she was sitting down at a Starbucks table, working, when a man approached her and asked her what she was working on.

Ave, who was visibly uncomfortable, simply said she worked in advertising before a female barista approached her to "fill up her drink."

The barista also asked her if she was doing ok before she said that she was about to head out.

The barista then boldly asked: "Is it because of him?"

To which the young blonde replied: "Yeah, but it's ok."

The barista then continued: "Ok, I'm sorry. Let me know if you have any other questions, want me to refill your water bottle?"

However, Ave was set on leaving.

In the captions of the video, she claimed that the man wouldn't leave her alone, which was making her anxious.

The barista had approached her and kept close to her as the man relentlessly asked her questions about herself.

In another clip, Ave was sitting in her car as she said: "You can tell how anxious I am from how red my face is."

"So that clip was me working in Starbucks just now and this man comes and sits down next to me and he will not leave me alone," she claimed.

"I made it super obvious that I did not want to talk, I mentioned my husband six times, I told him I'm working on something very timely and I don't have time to talk – he will not leave me alone.

"The second, though, that he made me uncomfortable, the Starbucks worker, should have gotten her name – thank you!

"I love your team, that was so awesome what you did. She runs over to me and offers to refill my drink and I didn't know what she was doing at first, I didn't know she could see he made me uncomfortable.

"So she's like 'Can I refill your drink?' And I was like ok, and as she leans down to pick up my cup, she whispers and says that they've been having an issue with this man and if he made me uncomfortable to let them know.

"But she basically lets me know that they're going to be watching me and that they know this man is harassing me, which was already so comforting to hear but also made me more anxious because this is a problematic man and he's harassing me."

She further claimed that the man would not leave her alone, despite her efforts, when the barista then offers to refill the water bottle – which Ave showed earlier in the video.

When she decided to leave, she claimed the entire team of Starbucks at the store actually asked her to stay and decided to remove the man as he was a repeat offender and had even harassed the female baristas.

Unfortunately, she still felt unsafe enough to want to leave but not before thanking the team and giving them a shout-out on social media.

Lastly, she added that she was now on her way home as the cops had arrived at the store to remove the man.

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