Woman shows off easy way to get a flatter stomach WITHOUT doing sit ups and not going to the gym

A DANCE teacher has discovered a quick and easy way on how to get abs without going to the gym or doing any sit ups. 

Tracey-Ann Roman found a class to do herself on TikTok and shared it with her 111.7k followers. 

She demonstrates the movements, as a sound over tells her what to do. 

Firstly, she sits on the chair with her back up straight and puts her arms up high and holds there for one to two minutes, or until you start to feel the muscles contract. 

The second phase then involves 20 repetitions of knee raises to bring your leg up nice and slowly continuing to work the core.

As she demonstrates the movements, the voice over says: “I am going to teach you how to get a stomach that is thin and trim, with no situps and no gym.

“We are going to work the transversus abdominis muscle. 

“The deep core muscle way underneath that supports the pelvis and supports the organs and will help you prevent lower back problems. 

“Put your arms high, just sit up straight and hold it up there for one to two minutes, and you will feel these muscles start to contract.

“The second phase, 20 repetitions and bring your knee up nice and slowly and you will continue to work that core.”

Then in the final stage of the exercise, Tracey-Ann then sits at the end of the chair and moves back and forth. 

The voice over says: “Now sit at the end of the chair, arms straight up, keep your arms straight and keep your back straight and bring your body forward and pivot, contract and come back. Pivot from the hips, come back. 

“Everytime you go forward, squeeze those abs. You're going to do 20 repetitions. 

“So do those daily and your stomach will love you.”

Tracey-Ann captioned the video as: “So glad I found this.”

And her followers also loved the quick and easy discovery as well, with one writing: “Started a week ago and I already lost 4cm around my pelvic area, it works but it needs dedication.”

Another wrote: “Yep that's true. I’ve tried it long ago and it works believe me!”

A third wrote: “Thanks for sharing. Much easier for people with bad backs.” 

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