You could be in the top 1% if you can work out the real letter 'G' in this baffling optical illusion | The Sun

YOU could be in the top one per cent if you can work out the real letter "G" in this mind-bending optical illusion.

Think you know what the letters of the alphabet look like? Think again.

In this baffling optical illusion, we challenge you to try and figure out which "g" is written correctly.

And it may be harder than you think.

A group of psychologists at Johns Hopkins University discovered that most people aren't aware that there are two types of the lowercase letter "g".

One of them is the open tail "g" which many of use on a day-to-day basis – and appears as a circle with a fishhook hanging from it.


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But the other is the fancier version – which appears in some books and newspapers, as well as in Serif fonts such as Times New Roman and Calibri.

We've all seen both types of the letter, but can you now spot the correct version when faced with four varieties?

In the study published by the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance, 38 volunteers were asked to list the letters they thought had two variations in print.

In the first experiment, "most participants failed to recall the existence of looptail g," said co-author Gali Ellenblum, while only two people could write looptail g accurately.

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The volunteers were then asked to look for examples of the looptail "g" in the text and were asked to recreate the letter.

In the end, only one person managed to complete the task successfully.

Finally, those taking part in the study were asked to identify the letter "g" in a multiple-choice test with four options of the letter – but only seven out of 25 were able to do this correctly.

So don't worry if you're struggling, as it turns out many of us know the letter, but can't always recognise it.

Explaining this puzzling find, Michael McCloskey, the senior author of the paper said: "What we think may be happening here is that we learn the shapes of most letters in part because we have to write them in school.

"'Looptail g' is something we're never taught to write, so we may not learn its shape as well".

So, have you managed to spot the correct version of the letter yet?

Don't fear if you haven't managed to yet, as we have the solution below.

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