You've been doing your makeup wrong – there's a face lift hack which no one is talking about – it takes years off you | The Sun

IT’S no wonder why celebrities are always camera ready. 

Reality stars and A-listers often reap the benefits of having professional hair and makeup artist working alongside them.

However, unfortunately for all the non celebrities and normal members of the public we have to learn how to perfect these makeup looks ourselves.

Which may be hard if you haven’t gone to study a course in it yourself. 

But thankfully, beauty influencers and professionals are sharing their tips for free on the internet. 

In fact, a beauty Instagram account called makeupsface, which has over 582k followers, is doing exactly this.


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And in one particular video, a beauty blogger reveals exactly how we should be applying concealer, and it will give you an instant face lift at the same time.

It’s called the “face lifting concealer hack.” 

She first starts off by applying concealer by drawing a horizontal line above her brow towards her hairline. 

This is then followed by adding a triangle of concealer to the inside corner of her eye and horizontal line towards her hair line from the outside corner of her eye. 

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She then draws towards more horizontal lines from the outside corner of her nose, and creases her lips before using a makeup sponge to blend it in.

The beauty blogger then shows off the difference by comparing one side of her face to the other.

And it caused over 180k people to react to it, with thousands ‘loving’ the video. 

A few people simply wrote: “Love it” 

Whilst another added: “Very good hack” 

And many complimented the beauty blogger's looks, saying: “As if the girl needed a face lifting”. 

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