13 photos of Prince William acting like a commoner

  • The Duke of Cambridge is second in line to the British throne and due to become king one day, so some people might have trouble believing he acts like a regular guy. 
  • Despite his wealth and status, however, Prince William has experiences that are similar to many of his fans'.
  • The prince has surprised diners at KFC, attended soccer matches, and even taken public transport. 
  • Here are 13 photos that show William acting like a commoner.
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Before the pandemic, Prince William didn't mind swapping out bows and curtsies for high fives from his devoted fans.

Even royals eat at KFC, which William showed during a visit to a branch in Waterloo, London earlier this week.

He's not afraid to get involved in the kitchen. In this photo, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge knead dough at a bagel bakery in east London.

The future king enjoys competing against his wife Kate Middleton at the arcade.

HRH isn't opposed to riding the bus.

He gets pretty invested in sports. Here he is watching a soccer match with his wife and children …

… and here he is watching the Rugby World Cup with Prince Harry.

He seems to be a hands-on dad. Here's William and Middleton taking their children Prince George and Prince Charlotte to school in September 2019.

He doesn't mind play-fighting with the kids either.

William also enjoys the zoo. He put royal etiquette on the back-burner and fed a giraffe at Sydney's Taronga Zoo in 2014.

The second in line to the throne doesn't always dress like a royal. William could have been mistaken for someone else while wearing a baseball cap and glasses at a soccer match in 2010.

This outfit, which included tracksuit bottoms and mismatched socks, was also un-royal.

He may be a prince, but William is just like any other family man.

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