4 ‘Euphoria’ Group Halloween Costume Ideas You Still Have Time To Put Together

No new TV show has both captured and emotionally scarred the hearts of viewers this summer quite as much as HBO’s Euphoria. The series stars Zendaya as Rue Bennett, a recovering drug addict whose world gets turned upside down when she meets her new best friend, Jules (Hunter Schafer), and the show subsequently follows the dynamic duo and their high school classmates as they experience love, sex, drugs, and overall feels in completely different and often uncomfortable ways. Without spoiling anything, it’s gripping, relatable, and often funny. And there are some great lewks that make Euphoria perfect for Halloween costume inspo if you and your friends are looking for something a little more fresh this holiday.

Whether you’re looking to go the very extra mile for Halloween or are simply wanting a low-key cozy costume for the one time you have to leave the house, Euphoria is the ideal source of inspiration. Depending on the characters you and your friends decide to emulate, putting together the costumes can be a very fun DIY process or as simple as throwing on a comfortable hoodie. Plus, you’ll be able to pull off these looks way after Halloween is over, especially if you opt to recreate some of Jules’ shiny beauty looks.

If your crew is looking to relive your most salacious high school days (or just pretend you were a little scandalous), here are some of the best Euphoria costume ideas.

Rue and Gia

If you and your friend are the types that would rather stay on the couch and watch Halloween movies all night, but you still wanna dress up just a little, look no further than the adorable pairing of sisters Rue and Gia. All you need to recreate their looks are some comfortable jeans or leggings, your old dusty Converse, and Rue’s sentimental, near-iconic maroon hoodie. Luckily, HBO has you covered on that one.

Cat and Her Fanfiction

Cat had the most significant fashion journey this season, transforming from a bookish nerd who writes Larry Stylinson fanfiction into a BDSM-inspired badass who uses perverted men for money and motivation. The best way to transform into Cat is to honor both sides of her. Whether you choose to channel her newfound love for chokers and leather, or opt for more subdued but hilarious One Direction merch, you and your friend are sure to turn some heads.

Fezco and Ashtray

Viewers will attest to the fact that Fez has the biggest heart on this show, and his 10-year-old brother Ashtray (yes, that is his name) is the most finessing dealer in town. This is an especially notable costume for sibling duos who want to make an impression on Halloween.

Rue and Jules

We can’t forget about the show’s crowning couple, Rue and Jules. While Rue’s signature comfy clothing and Jules’ bright and whimsical wardrobe are very distinctive, it’s their impeccable beauty looks — neon eyeshadow, tiny rhinestones, and glitter tears — that make them one of the most fabulous and enviable duos on TV. If you want to recreate their exact looks, the show’s makeup team already broke down how to do that with WhoWhatWear, but if you’re looking for some cheaper alternatives, look no further.

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