7 Shockingly Expensive Cell Phone Cases

Phone cases can be expensive, but some are on another level. Anyone who’s ever started scrolling through Amazon in search of a new covering for their prized iPhone know that the luxury that comes with protection, style, and status can often run you a good amount.

However, there are some that can run much more than the device they are tasked with protecting. While many might see their cases as a means to protect their devices from breaking when they throw them against the wall during a fit of Candy Crush rage, these accessories are so much more.

For those looking to tell the world that their phones are truly their babies, these are the cases to get. Although, for these prices, an actual baby might be less expensive.

7 Gresso Magnum – $595

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Believe it or not, we’re starting off low at $595. Gresso, a company famous for making luxury titanium sunglasses, entered the iPhone case business with their beautiful Magnum cases for the iPhone XS and XS Max. Featuring an interior cover made of flexible, high resistance TPU, it offers more than just beauty and elegance. It offers protection with its outer shell constructed from  grade-5 titanium for strength and durability. It gives you the protection you need with the style you deserve.

6 Caviar Credo Christmas Star Diamond – $124,170

Caviar is synonymous with luxury and a brand by the same name wouldn’t present anything less. That’s why Caviar’s Credo Christmas Star Diamond case for iPhone 11/11 Pro is everything you’d imagine.

Encased in 750-content gold adorned by a three-carat diamond in its center to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem, this Christmas-themed phone case even features a nativity scene on the bottom to complete the look. For those searching for a perfection at the holidays or any days, this is the choice to add to your Christmas list. Just make sure you leave Santa some expensive cookies.

5 Buccellati iPhone Case – $208,000

Buccellati is one of Italy’s most luxurious brands and when the designers brought their yellowish gold trademark style to a phone case, the result was simply glorious. Sporting real diamonds and spurts of gold, it is a truly magnificent site to behold. The final product looks like something you would find in a jewelers showcase and, given that Buccellati is the one behind it, that makes all the sense in the world.

4 London Lotus – $4430

Lotus silk is known for its incredibly elegant texture and expensive market. That’s why this phone case, designed and launched by actress Mischa Barton, lives up to its namesake through style and price. Made of 18-carat rose gold, there is a lotus flower on the back graced with pink, black, and white diamonds. The layout screams elegance and almost makes you feel guilty for putting it in your pocket.

3 BRIKK Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 – $75,000

L.A. designers Brikk launched their Lux iPhone X Ingot collection to a huge amount of fanfare in 2017. The line featured Ingot 108, named for its 108 grams of 22K gold, and the Ingot 250, named for….you guessed it- 250 grams of 22K gold and a mirror polished back surface.

Each one of these gorgeous pieces was hand made in Brikks state of the art Los Angeles lab with customizations options. While the phones they support do all the thing our normal phones do, they are also fully unlocked to use with any carrier. However, it’s the outward case that makes these devices things of pure beauty.

2 Drake OVO iPhone Case – $400,000

Everything Drake does is a testament to the good life. From his massive mansion to his just-as-massive private plane, the top selling artist is never shy about showing the world just how sparkly life can be.

Designed by Jeweler Jason Arasheben, this 18 karat white gold piece features Drizzy’s trademark OVO owl logo surrounded by blue diamonds. Given the high priced deals and purchased made on that phone, no case could be more fitting.

1 Dragon and Spider Case from Anita Mai Tan – $880,000

For the discriminating smart phone addict who is looking to spend over 800 times the amount on their case than they did on their phone comes the Dragon and Spider case. Created my Anita Mai Tan, this accessory is more like a piece of jewlelry than anything else.

Made out of 32 carats of actual diamonds, it rivals engagement rings, cars, and houses in cost. Of course, that’s what you get when you cover your phone in the work of Anita Mai Tan. The Canadian jewelry designer is currently the owner and main designer for AlGems.  She has designed everything from wine decanters to luxury pens. This particular piece was part of a charity auction to help low income youth with school costs.

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