A Company Is Hiring A "Rosé Influencer" To Spend 4 Days Instagramming In France

If “lounging around a French chateau drinking rosé and posting on Instagram” sounds like the perfect job for you, good news: Wine brand Rosé All Day is looking for a “rosé influencer” to do just that in the name of the company. Should you win the coveted position, you’ll be whisked away to Rosé All Day’s chateau in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France for four days of wine and content creation — as well as given a chunk of change amount to $10,000 for your troubles.

There’s just one catch: If you want to apply, you’ll have to do it… by posting on Instagram.

(I mean, they are looking for an influencer after all, right?)

Although rosé’s roots go all the way back to ancient Greece and Massalia, according to the international sommelier non-profit GuildSomm, the pink tipple has spent, uh, quite a lot of time as a much-maligned fixture of the wine world. It’s really only been in recent years — maybe the past 10 or so — that it began to have something of a renaissance, with a key event from 2014 serving as a watershed moment: That year, the Hamptons — Long Island, New York’s bastion of the fantastically wealthy — actually ran out of rosé. The horror. The horror.

In any event, around this time, a number of rosé-related phrases entered the cultural lexicon, each one as much about the lifestyle associated with rosé as about rosé itself — and, perhaps unsurprisingly, at least two of these phrases have since been harnessed by enterprising rosé-lovers and turned into full-on brands. Yes Way Rosé is one (a brand I’ve found myself covering with some degree of frequency over the past year or so), while Rosé All Day is the other.

Today, we’re talking about Rosé All Day. Launched as an actual wine brand in 2017, it’s beloved of the Instagram set; as such, it’s no surprise that Rosé All Day is now looking for a straight-up “rosé influencer” to boost the brand’s image and visibility. Of course, it’s worth noting that the “rosé influencer” position isn’t really a job, per se; the whole thing is more like a contest to win a wine-soaked, four-day vacation to the chateau in France which Rosé All Day calls its home. (The brand is calling it an “Influencer Casting Call.”) If you win, you’ll need to spend the vacation Instagramming your heart out, of course — but you won’t really be an employee of the company in the traditional, 9-to-5-plus-benefits sense. The winner of the contest will also take home a prize of $10,000, so, uh… there’s that.

That said, though, you will still need a certain amount of social media know-how in order to have a good shot at winning. Per INSIDER, Rosé All Day is specifically “looking for someone who can produce beautiful, exciting content with clever captions and tons of personality” — which, I would argue, is unsurprising, as the social media influencer industry depends entirely on people’s abilities to produce beautiful, exciting content with clever captions and tons of personality.

Said Darren Restivo, Principal of Rosé All Day parent company Biagio Cru Wines & Spirits, in a press release provided to Bustle, “The Rosé All Day brand was created based on the success and phenomenon of the #RoséAllDay lifestyle that has taken over our menus, our glasses, and our social feed. To embrace the community from which we were born, we want to find someone who relates to this lifestyle to digitally encapsulate the Rosé All Day life.”

Throwing your hat in the ring works pretty much like every other Instagram-based contest you’ve ever seen: First, follow the @rose_all_day Instagram account; then post any “rosé all day”-related content your wine-loving little heart desires to your own Instagram account; and whatever you do choose to post, make sure you tag it both with @rose_all_day’s Instagram handle. (You might also consider using the #RoséAllDay hashtag, although as far as I know, it’s not requirement that you do so.)

There’s no limit to the number of posts you can make to ensure your entry into the contest; indeed, the more times you enter, the better your chances of winning. However, posts are only valid for entry between June 8 and Sept. 2, though, so make sure you’re not either too early or too late to the party. Given that it’s currently the middle of May, that should give you a couple of weeks to plan out your strategy, right?

Also, you have to be at least 21 years old to enter, because, uh, that’s the legal drinking age in the United States. Just, y’know, FYI. My sincerest apologies to anyone living in other countries with lower drinking ages who are alas still under the age of 21.

After the main entry period for the contest closes on Sept. 2, the Rosé All Day judges will pick five finalists. If you’re one of those lucky five, then you’ll need to post and tag one more killer #RoséAllDay Instagram image (again tagging @rose_all_day in the caption, I assume); then the judges will pick one winner, who will become the brand’s official rosé influencer for four pink-tinted days in France. Should you win, you’ll stay at the Rosé All Day chateau, spending your days creating rosé-related content (and probably drinking a lot of the stuff, too).

For the curious, Rosé All Day is currently available in a whole host of varieties. The original wine, a French tipple hailing from the Languedoc-Roussillon region, is made from grenache grapes and characterized by its nose of red fruits, “crisp and fresh” taste on the palate, and “deliciously long, fruity finish,” according to its product copy; it pairs well with seafood, chicken, and salads, particularly of the Caesar and Mediterranean varieties. These days, you can also get a sparkling version of the stuff called Rosé All Day Sparkling, as well as Rosé All Day Beaujolais. All three types are also available in cans — and at a typical price point of around $15 per standard, 750ml bottle or four-pack of cans, it’s all quite affordable as well.

Check out more at Rosé All Day’s Instagram account and website. Have fun, kids. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

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