A Green Boa: Lady Gaga Flaunts Her Boa Made Of Money On A Private Jet

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When speaking of Lady Gaga’s fashion statements over the years, it’s apparent to all that she has boldly gone where no other fashionista has ever gone before.

She has worn everything from stunning, elegant gowns on the red carpet to her infamous ‘meat dress’ that was made entirely of raw beef, which she sported at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

This time, her outfit is designed to ooze wealth from every pore and was made entirely out of $100 bills.

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Lady Gaga posted her bizarre bill-boa to her Instagram page, and fans immediately made the connection. The star was on her way to her jazz residency in Vegas, and let’s face it, there’s no place more fixated on throwing around money than Las Vegas is, so perhaps this boa isn’t a wild choice at all – maybe she’s on point with her money-statement.

Fans flocked to social media to comment on quite possibly the most elaborate, expensive boa that they have ever seen.

Glamour commented on this interesting fashion accessory by stating, “Lady Gaga committed to memorable looks all summer long, and the money boa is an indication she may not be stopping the momentum any time soon. Gaga has always been ambitious with her style, but over the past few years, she’s toned it down a bit. In 2021, though, she’s revived her signature flamboyant style.”

If this is of any indication, it appears Lady Gaga is perfectly poised to rock the stage in Vegas, and her boa made of bills is likely just the beginning of many more wild fashion statements to come.

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