A lady assassin will lead the next ‘John Wick’ movie

Everything’s got a price. And a spin-off concept, apparently.

The hyper-masculine movies in the “John Wick” franchise are taking a feminine turn with another sequel to the cult favorite Keanu Reeves-fronted series, according to Deadline.

The movie, “Ballerina,” focuses on a lady assassin who seeks revenge — not far off from the plots of the previous “John Wick” films. Details are still sparse, but in the latest film, New York City dancer Unity Phelan is in the credits as Ballerina.

There’s no premiere date yet, but Deadline reports that Lionsgate has tapped Len Wiseman to direct it. Wiseman also directed the high octane action flicks “Live Free or Die Hard” and “Total Recall.” It’ll be produced by Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee and Chad Stahelski.

Though it’s unclear how big of a role Reeves will play, he is signed on as an executive producer. It’ll be just one more addition to this year’s “Keanussance,” or, the year where we all just couldn’t get enough of the 55-year-old actor.

Most recently, he was announced for a reboot of “The Matrix”, just filmed yet another “Bill and Ted” movie and made a scene-stealing cameo in Netflix’s “Always Be My Maybe” as Ali Wong’s intensely sexual love interest.

Keep ’em comin’ Keanu.

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