A woman is crippled with pain by her ever-growing boobs

Woman, 23, with 36M breasts that weigh 2st and won’t stop growing reveals she’s in so much pain she struggles to get out of bed – and claims men try to touch her if she doesn’t wear baggy clothes

  • Melissa-Mae Lita’s breast have been growing ever since she was ten years old
  • Her condition is called hypertrophic breasts and their weight is unmanageable
  • She gets harassed by men and some even touch her without her consent 
  • Despite seeking medical assistance doctors turned her way and gave no solution

A woman has revealed how she’s crippled with pain by her ever-growing boobs that weigh 2st. 

Melissa-Mae Lita, 23, from London, is now a bra size 36M, but her breasts are still growing and causing her so much pain she struggles to get out of bed in the morning.

The student nruse said her breasts first started developing when she was around 10 years old and have been constantly growing ever since.

Leading up to her teenage years, Melissa was wearing two bras to try and support her breasts and she was a H cup by the age of 16.

Melissa-Mae Lita, 23, from London, is now a bra size 36M, but her breasts are still growing and causing her so much pain she struggles to get out of bed in the morning. 

Melissa, pictured before her breasts ballooned. She used to wear two bras in order to support her breasts but also to try to hide the size from others at school

Melissa is desperate for a breast reduction, however, she has been turned away by NHS doctors and told to lose weight before even being referred to a specialist.

She said: ‘I thought that the way my boobs were growing was going to be a problem when I first started secondary school.

‘I was wearing two bras at a time to support them and also to try and hide them and to try and make myself fit in with my peers.’

‘As I got older and they continued to grow, people always thought I was much older than I was. I would receive disgusting comments from men, it was horrible.’

Melissa is concerned that the size and rapid growth of her boobs are going to affect her nursing career because she struggles to fit into her uniform

Despite her debilitating condition, doctors are reluctant to help Melissa and the only advice she received is to lose weight—which hasn’t worked 

‘I have received hateful messages and been cyberbullied online with inappropriate messages and videos being sent to me. It was traumatising and until this day I still have bad memories about this.

‘I am now a size 36M and they are a combined weight of 2st.’

‘I’ve been to the doctors many times because of my boobs, who have told me to come back when I have lost weight.’

‘I’ve been told I have hypertrophic breasts – a condition in which breasts grow so heavy that they cause problems – however nothing has been done to help me.’

‘I even tried reaching out to my local MP to see if there was any other way I could get help.’

‘They cause me every single pain you can think of because they are just so heavy.

‘I am crippled with back pain every single day and some days I find it hard to get myself up and out of bed because of how sore my back is.

‘I have to rock myself back and forth to get myself up and to ease the pain.

‘My boobs make it so hard for me to sleep because if I sleep on my back the pain is unbearable due to the huge weight on my chest. If I lie on my front or on my side it is also sore.’

Melissa after her breasts ballooned. She said her biggest fear is physical disability if the growth isn’t stunted soon

Melissa said that she rarely wears skimpy outfits anymore because of the unwated attention and catcalling she receives  

As a final year student nurse, Melissa is concerned that the size and rapid growth of her boobs are going to affect her nursing career as she struggles to fit into her uniform and has burning back pain throughout her placement shifts.

She says that her breasts make it hard for her to move patients and she worries that as she gets older it will only get worse.

Melissa added: ‘I can’t even find bras that fit me anymore, and if I do manage to find one they’re so expensive and don’t fit me for very long before my breasts leak out and they become too small.

‘They also give me really severe indents in my shoulders and on my side as they dig into my skin so much.

Melissa posing at home. When she’s out of the house she has to dress modestly to avoid unwanted harrassment

If Melissa doesn’t wear hoodies such as this, people will make comments and even try to touch her

‘I’ve pretty much given up on bras and I just wear bodysuits or tight bralettes underneath my baggy clothes.

‘I can’t wear any of the clothes I’d like to wear. I have to dress myself a lot more modestly most of the time to avoid unwanted attention.’

‘If I don’t hide away in baggy clothes it’s like people think I am a piece of meat. They try to touch me, I get catcalled and receive degrading comments.’

‘My biggest fear is complications in my health resulting in physical disabilities because I am yet to find a resolution. It’s daunting to have to think this way at such a young age.’

Melissa find it hard to get up in the morning because her enormous breasts prevent her from moving freely and struggles to sleep at night 

Melissa before her huge boob growth. She has now set up a GoFundMe to attempt to get her breast reduction done privately


Gigantomastia can be divided into several subtypes. The subtypes are related to the event that may have triggered the condition. 

  • Gestational or pregnancy-induced gigantomastia occurs during pregnancy. This subtype is thought to be triggered by pregnancy hormones, usually during the first trimester. It occurs in just 1 out of every 100,000 pregnancies.
  • Puberty-induced or juvenile gigantomastia occurs during adolescence (between the ages of 11 and 19), likely because of sex hormones.
  • Medication- or drug-induced gigantomastia occurs after taking certain medications. Most commonly, it’s caused by a drug known as D-penicillamine, which is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, Wilson’s disease, and cystinuria.
  • Idiopathic gigantomastia occurs spontaneously, with no obvious cause. This is the most common type of gigantomastia.

Source: Healthline 

‘I have even found lumps in my breasts and had to be referred for multiple ultrasounds.’

‘I have even burnt my boobs on a stove before and I didn’t even realise for a while because they’re so big.’

‘I have tried losing weight but it doesn’t help. Going from a 34H to a 36L to 36M shows me that despite my weight loss, my breasts will continue to grow at alarming rates until I can do something about it.

‘I think it’s really sad that people who really need a breast reduction aren’t offered them as it would literally change my life.

‘It feels like there is a failure to understand the difficulties women who share these same circumstances go through every day and denying them the appropriate treatment required can cause further decline in their health and wellbeing.

‘It would relieve me of all of my pain. I think I’d cry with happiness every day.

‘I can’t stand the thought of my breasts getting any bigger, I don’t know how I would cope.’

To donate to Melissa’s breast reduction fundraiser, click here. 

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