Abandoned kitten finds loving home just in time for Christmas

It’s a kit-mas miracle! Kitten who was abandoned by his owner for being ‘too playful’ found a loving new home just before Christmas

  • Kitten D’Artagnan was abandoned by first owner because he was too ‘playful’
  • Young cat separated from his mother too early and sold in Sainsbury’s car park
  • Former owner thought he was ‘feral’ and gave him up to Battersea Cats and Dogs 
  • Has found loving home with Olivia Hadley in South London before Christmas

A kitten who was abandoned for being too ‘playful’ got a happy ending when he found a new loving home right before Christmas. 

D’Artagnan, a black and white kitten from South London, was abandoned by his former owner, who had no experience with cats and thought he was feral. 

The feline was handed to Battersea Dogs and Cats home before being placed in a temporary foster home, Metro reported. 

But right before Christmas, the kitten found a forever home and is now happily settled with his new owner Olivia Hadley, who said she can’t imagine ‘living without him.’

Battersea has stressed that D’Artagnan’s story highlights the need for people to do their research before buying a cat or another pet.  

D’Artagnan, a kitten that was taken away from his mother too young and was then given up by his previous owner because he was too ‘playful’ has now found a loving home in South London thanks to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

The kitten was bought in a Sainsbury’s car park when he was just six-weeks-old, which means he was taken away from his mother earlier than he should have been.

His owner soon began to think he was ‘feral’ because he was boisterous and wild, and handed him to Battersea’s cattery, where he was looked after by volunteers. 

Team leader Bonita Brincat said the kitten was a ‘sweet little thing’ from the minute he arrived, and that it was clear he was not feral.  

‘It is understandable that someone who hadn’t had experience with kittens before, or done detailed research in to what to expect, might mistake normal playful behaviour and high energy levels as a sign of “wildness”,’ she said. 

The kitten, pictured, was rescued by Battersea, where it became clear he was not feral, but just a boisterous, healthy and playful kitten 

New owner Olivia Hadley said she could not imagine her life without the kitten, and added her life was richer thanks to his love and company 

She added that getting a pet should never be an impulse decision and that it’s crucial to do your research first. 

The Battersea rescue centre was able to place D’Artagnan with a foster family where he was looked after until he was fully ready for adoption. 

He then was adopted by doting owner Olivia, who lives in South London, and got him right before Christmas. 

Olivia, who said D’Artagnan was the ‘perfect kitten,’ lets the kitten be as playful as he pleases.  

Olivia admitted D’Artagnan was a mischievous kitten who loved to ‘destroy’ her Christmas tree, but also added he was a ‘loving fellow’

‘He is always getting up to mischief, whether it’s climbing through the blinds, jumping into a running bath (he won’t do that again), eating my porridge when my back is turned or savaging my houseplants,’ she said. 

She added D’Artagnan was a confident cat who was not afraid of much, and was learning to respect the rules. 

She added the adorable kitten was a ‘loving fellow’ and would follow her around her flat and beg for cuddles.   

D’Artagnan is settling well in his new home and Olivia said she hoped he knew he wasn’t going anywhere

After all these emotions, time for a nap! Battersea have said that D’Artagnan’s story is a reminder that people should always do their homework and research what to expect of a pet before buying 

And Olivia, who spent Christmas alone with D’Artagnan, said she could not imagine her life without him anymore, and was saddened that he was abandoned so young by his previous owner. 

Saying she appreciated her new cat’s company and love, she added her life was richer thanks to him.  

She added she felt the kitten now knew he was not going anywhere and would stay with her forever. 

D’Artagnan’s story is the occasion for Battersea Cats and Dogs Home to send out a reminder to always research into getting a cat or a dog before you get one. 

Bonita stressed the importance of doing your homework and never impulse buy a pet. 

She said future owners needed to know what to expect before welcoming a pet into their lives, and needed to make sure they were buying from responsible places. 

She added the centre would prefer that people go to rescue centres before buying and credited D’Artagnan’s previous owner for doing the responsible thing and bring him to the centre when they realised they could not care for him. 

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