Aldi: Mum shares clever supermarket hack that makes packing groceries a lot easier

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Aldi is the popular discount supermarket that is known for having efficient checkout staff who scan items extremely fast. This is because staff are encouraged to be time efficient, which helps keep the price low for customers. Some products even have three barcodes so a cashier doesn’t have to search and waste time searching for the code to scan.

Quickly packing your groceries at the supermarket till can be stressful, especially when the grocery items start to build up.

The speedy checkout service is just one of the many things Aldi is known for, alongside low prices and bargain deals through its Special Buy and Super 6.

One regular Aldi shopper has created her own hack to help her save time when packing at the checkout.

Posting to the Aldi Shoppers UK Facebook page, the fan of the supermarket wrote: “Followed an Aldi shopping hack and no packing after the checkout.

“Such a simple idea but saves time and money, when they were full I’d shopped up.”

The Aldi fan then shared a photo of her clever hack which consisted of two rubber buckets inside her trolley.

Instead of putting the food in plastic or reusable bags, the savvy mum uses two large plastic tubs with handles.

This helps her keep up with the quick checkout staff as well as saving time when putting the groceries into her car.

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What’s more, these buckets can be picked up for as little as £1 and can save money when it comes to buying lots of reusable bags.

The tip was praised by hundreds of Aldi shoppers asking more about the buckets.

One fan of the hack wrote: “Love this! Where did you get the buckets?”

One woman replied: “I have seen them in B and Q.”

Another said: “We’ve done this for years, just using those plastic storage boxes instead work a treat.”

However others were less convinced by the hack and explained that you should take your time when packing.

An Aldi fan wrote: “Too heavy to lift and bulky in the boot. Three or four shopping bags much easier for me. Plus I like to take my time packing so I don’t mind.”

Other savvy shoppers have previously shared hacks to slow down the checkout staff or how to cope with the speed.

Posting in the Aldi Mums Facebook page one woman said that if they find the speed too quick, just ask them politely to slow down.

Others commented that they thought there is nothing worse than looking like you are holding up the queue that are even longer than usual due to the shopping restrictions.

Commenting in the Aldi UK Shoppers group, one said: “One member of staff told me yesterday they are going quicker as they don’t want people standing there for longer than need be for obvious reasons and I can totally understand why.”

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