All about convenience McDonalds rolls out reusable cup scheme – launching in Tesco too

Rylan Clark-Neal works a shift at McDonalds

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Brands, companies, and supermarkets around the world are doing their bit to reduce the use of plastic, consequently reducing the amount of the material, as well as other materials, going into landfill every year.

McDonald’s is launching a scheme that lets customers rent coffee cups from its restaurants.

Coffee lovers can return the cup after using it instead of throwing it into the bin.

This not only helps the environment, but also saves Britons 20p.

McDonald’s will take 20p off customers’ drink’s order if they decide to rent the cup.

The cup’s rental costs £1, but the money is refundable if the cup is returned.

Customers can return the cup at any McDonald’s restaurant – it doesn’t have to be the place where they bought the drink.

When returned, the cups and lids are then taken by Loop to be deep cleaned.

Loop is McDonald’s business partner, collaborating with the fast-food company to roll out the reusable cup scheme.

The scheme is currently being trialled in Northamptonshire and, if successful, it will be launched in all McDonald’s restaurants globally.

It could also be introduced to other fast-food chains.

McDonald’s said the initiative will help reduce the 2.5billion single-use coffee cups that go to landfill in the UK each year.

On a global scale, the scheme will contribute to reducing the hundreds of billions of coffee cups that go to landfill annually.

Stephen Clarke, from Loop, commented on the new scheme.

He said: “This way you are renting a cup rather than carrying a reusable cup around all day.

“It is all about convenience.”

As well as helping the environment, customers are saving money if they rent a cup.

Hot drink lovers will be able to purchase a McDonald’s medium coffee, tea, or hot chocolate for 79p, and a latte for £1.29.

After using their cup, customers can return it to any McDonald’s restaurant or Tesco store.

Loop will soon be rolling out coffee cup drop-off points in the supermarket’s branches.

The exterior of the cup is made of engineered polypropylene, which contributes to its toughness and prevents it from cracking, while the interior is made with recycled paper for insulation.

Loop has not only partnered with McDonald’s, but Tesco too, to reduce the usage of single-use plastic.

Later this year, the company will launch similar reusable schemes for around 100 staple products including ketchup, washing detergent, and yoghurts.

Mr Clarke added: “If we can make reusable cups and packaging go to scale, as we hope, then waste management will become more about cleaning than recycling, incineration or landfill.

“You will have washing and cleaning centres all over the UK instead.”

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