Apple Tea, Avocado Smoothies and More Foods Kourtney Kardashian Swears By

Kourtney Kardashian is serious about her healthy outlook on life! The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star launched Poosh – her lifestyle website – on Tuesday, April 2, and it’s filled with tips and tricks for how people can lead nutritious, more mindful lives, especially when it comes to what they eat.

Kardashian, 39, says the site is “not about preaching or judging,” and noted she envisions it as a place where people can have a dialogue about everything from “a kick-ass eyeshadow palette” to a juicy burger.

“At Poosh, we believe that life isn’t black or white, it’s not this extreme or that extreme, so why should a healthy lifestyle be so rigid?” the site states. “The ‘all or nothing’ approach is antiquated. The very essence of healthy living is moderation. Healthy living is a mindset, and Poosh explores how the modern woman is able to achieve just this.”

The reality star has always maintained a strict diet, and has taken part in several popular eating trends. In the past, the mom of three has gone gluten and dairy-free, experimented with intermittent fasting and used apple cider vinegar to slim down. Though she doesn’t push any one particular diet on Poosh readers, Kardashian does share intel on the foods she can’t live without – a.k.a. the eats that she always has stocked in her house in order to maintain her slim frame.

For example, the California native’s “morning go-to” is an avocado smoothie, which, in addition to being loaded with healthy fats, she says is one of her “favorite” things to drink. Kardashian also has “signature salad” (of course she does) that is loaded with nutritious foods such as protein-packed hard-boiled eggs, avocado (again), and, if you’re feeling crazy, cheese.

Scroll down for more of the health-conscious star’s must-have foods and go-to recipes!

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