Are YOU paying over the odds for beauty products?

Are YOU paying over the odds for beauty products? ‘Dupe’ testers reveal the best budget buys – from a £16 Next perfume that smells like Chanel to a £2.50 Primark foundation stick to rival Bobbi Brown

  • UK-based site Dupeshop tests high-end products and budget alternatives  
  • Says that a Next perfume costing  £16 is as good as Chanel for £120
  • Recommends a £2.95 Primark foundation stick if you usually buy Bobbi Brown 
  • Candle from Boots costing £8 is a rival for White Company’s £20 version  

If you’re looking to cut back what you spend on beauty products, a website that compares high end costmetics and fragrances could save you hundreds, without sacrifcing qualtiy. 

Dupeshop has a team of make-up artists and costmetic scientists testing popular skincare and make-up on different skin types to identify the budget versions that are convincing replicas of big brand buys. 

And after a vigorous screening process, it published the results to its UK-based website and social media to help customers save money. 

One of its recent Facebook reels compares a £44 Armani foundation favoured by reality star and business mogul Kim Kardashian to L’Oreal’s Infalliable Foundation which retails at around £10. 

The team also claims that A Next perfume called EAU NUDE (£16) smells the same as Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle (£120), while it recommends swapping a Bobbi Brown foundation stick costing £35 for a Primark alternative for just £2.95. 

Dupeshop says that the much cheaper L’Oreal alternative(£10) is a convincing dupe for the Armani luxury foundation (£44) saving consumers money by sourcing similar products at lower prices

The store claims that A Next perfume called EAU NUDE (£16) smells the same as Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle (£120)

Bobbi Brown is often to go-to luxury brand for bases, including foundation and concealer, for their popular foundation stick (£35.50) Dupeshop says this Primark branded alternative (£2.95)is just as good

In its test of Armani foundation versus L’Oreal, Dupeshop found that the two foundations had exactly the same coverage and fluidity when used with L’Oreal Infalliable Primer (£10).

However, there was no mention of durability in the clip, which is something shoppers would be keen to know when sourcing their foundation.

Dupeshop also mentions in the video that Armani is part of the L’Oreal group, along with other popular beauty brands such as Garnier, Essie, Maybeline, NYX, Urban Decay, Lancome and Yves Saint Laurent.  

However this does not mean that all the products are produced in the same factory with the same ingredients. L’Oreal has been contacted for comment. 

Dupeshop’s video shows Kim Kardashian putting on her make-up saying the Armani foundation is her ‘favorite’ 

The store points out that the two brands are part of the L’Oreal group and compares them side by side

Dupeshop, who advertise on Facebook reels – say that they have discovered the two foundations are very similar, despite the vast difference in price – however they do not have concrete evidence to back up these claims

A director and co-founder from Dupeshop told  FEMAIL: ‘Our website is a place where you can discover dupes, some of which we sell and others we publish for information that you can buy from other retailers you can.

‘We spend a lot of time researching and testing a lot of different products.

‘We have a make up artists and cosmetic scientist on the team which increases our credibility in the industry as they really make sure the dupes perform well, not only visually but also ingredient wise.

Dupeshop says that a Zara perfume called Apple Juice (£13) is a perfect dupe for Chanel’s Eau Fraiche (£102).

MAC’s lip liner pencil in the colour ‘Stripdown'(£16) has been compared with a morphe lip pencil in the colour ‘Sweet Tea’ (£4.50)

Save on the White Company’s Pomegranate scented candle (£20) by going for Boots White Collection Pomegranate, Pink Pepper and Sandalwood £8

There is only a £3 price difference between Kylie Cosmetics ‘Kandy K’ and Milani cosmetics Matte Cream ‘Adorable’ but Dupeshop says the saving is worth it. Kylie Cosmetics often sells out, so if Milani is a convincing dupe despite not being that much cheaper it could work for fans of Kylie’s range as a stand in. 

These two scented candles may be labelled with the same fragrance but they certainly aren’t labelled with the same price! The Jo Malone version, which promises ‘double perfume’ comes in at £330 and Aldi’s No.22 Hotel Collection version is £25

Mugler’s Alien fragrance has been a classic choice for decades, and costs upwards of £46 from most retailers – Dupeshop says that Zara’s Violet Blossom (£8) is a good dupe, right down the the purple bottle

Dupestore has dupes for cult beauty brands such as British cosmetics giant Charlotte Tilbury, saying their Hollywood Flawless Filter (£36) is similar to Revolution’s Skin Glow Booster (£18)

Dupeshop claims the pair have similar ingredients to each other. Creme De La Mer has long been favoured in luxury skincare circles as THE mosituriser to go to, and is worth the price, but apparently a convincing dupe is Weleda’s Skinfood

The Poundland perfumes that could replace YOUR favourite 

The budget retailer has a range of perfumes that it promises smell just like high-end versions, costing from £1 to £4

Below £4 range:

Kick Starter – inspired by Victor Rolfe’s Spicebomb

Doctrine – inspired by Creed’s Aventura

Endless Twilight – inspired by Dior’s Sauvage

Miss Bonne – inspired by Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl

Belle Femme – inspired by Chanel’s Coco Chanel

Arise – inspired by Thierry Mugler’s Alien

Below £1 range: 

Queen in a Million – inspired by Paco Robanne’s Lady Million

Piquant – inspired by Paco Robanne’s Olympea

Encrypt – inspired by Giorgio Armani’s Armani Code

Black Dusk – inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium

Beau Reve – inspired by Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle

King in a Million – inspired by Paco Robanne’s One Million

Jape – inspired by Joop’s Joop! Homme

‘We test the skincare and make-up on different types of skin to make sure that it can work with different textures an skin types. 

‘Only then, when a product has passed a vigorous screening process we will then publish it to our site.’ 

‘Everything is cruelty free – we don’t recommenced a dupe that isn’t cruelty free.’ 

The director said that rising inflation and the cost of living crisis has led consumers to seek out affordable alternatives, and also that consumers are more ‘aware of branding and up marking’. 

They said: ‘Consumers are now more savvy about the beauty industry and in times like these, where inflation and house bills are on the increase people need a store like ours that can help them look just as good for less. 

‘In the last month alone we’ve had a huge wave of new followers online and the last 11 months more orders processed than before – so you could say that dupe hunting is on the rise. 

‘In the beauty industry it’s hard to find high quality products that are similar to high end products – and not everyone can afford it. 

‘People deserve to look and feel great about themselves even if they are on a budget.’ 

‘Another co-founder of ours was really educated on the types of mark-ups and the business side of the beauty industry so she was really passionate about finding products that can work.’

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