Aunt turns down a wedding invitation because she didn't get a plus one

Furious aunt turns down a wedding invitation because she didn’t get a plus one – and returns her RSVP with an angry message scrawled on it

  • A woman’s aunt has been left furious after her partner wasn’t invited to wedding
  • The aunt had been dating her partner ‘Uncle Danny’ for about two years
  • The bride-to-be said Covid restrictions meant she had to have less guests 
  • Aunt Edith rejected the invitation with an angry note calling it rude and hurtful

A furious woman has turned down her niece’s wedding invitation after her partner of two years wasn’t included – claiming the lack of a plus one was hurtful and the couple would have been better not to invite her at all.

The bride-to-be received her Aunt Edith’s invitation back in the mail – but instead of just marking whether she could attend or not she had covered the invite with an angry note.

‘Most rude and hurtful,’ the woman wrote on the invite, adding her partner’s name next to her own.

‘Family shouldn’t separate family. You shouldn’t have sent one at all,’ she ranted.

A furious woman has turned down her own nieces wedding invitation after her partner of two years wasn’t included – claiming the lack of a plus one was hurtful and the couple would have been better not to invite her at all

The bride clarified that due to pandemic restrictions she was having a bare bones wedding adding later that she had nothing to do with her aunt’s boyfriend, ‘Uncle Danny’.

And it appeared most people were on the couple’s side, adding they should be allowed to invite whoever they want to their wedding and calling Edith an ‘overwrought drama queen’.

‘That‘s a quick way to quit being invited to family gatherings ever again. Yeesh, Aunt Edith,’ one woman said.

‘Edith needs to harden up,’ said one man while another declared ‘the trash took itself out’. 

Others said it didn’t really matter if it was wrong not to invite ‘Uncle Danny’, the reaction was simply too much. 


Who is in the wrong?

Who is in the wrong?

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‘It’s possible to think the couple was rude for not inviting a guest’s long-term partner while also thinking the aunt’s reaction was over the top,’ another woman explained, not taking sides. 

And while many people agreed partners of more than a year should be invited to weddings, Covid restrictions have changed the rules. 

‘I think Covid makes a very big difference though. Without Covid, you should invite partners. With Covid, guests lists are very restricted.’

Some people sympathised with the bride after going through the same thing and ultimately having to cut ties with family.

‘My aunt did almost this exact same thing for my wedding years ago. Our venue had a 120 person max limit so I didn’t give my aunt a plus one for her flavour of the week boyfriend,’ one woman said.

Is there a wedding invitation etiquette to follow? 

There are a lot of rules for weddings, most brides and grooms pick and choose from these. Here is the traditional wedding invitation etiquette experts advise you to stick to. 

1 – Send invitations at least six to eight weeks before the big day

2 – Don’t include a gift registry on invites as it implies you are asking for presents

3 – Be clear with invitations – especially if people have kids because they will need to know if they need to organise a babysitter 

4 – Include RSVP’s for plus ones for guests in serious or long term relationships

5 – Include plus ones for single friends and family if most of the guests have a plus one

6 – If you invite someone to the ceremony they should also be invited to the wedding  

‘When she got her invite, she called my dad to see if she could bring her boyfriend. She no longer speaks to us, and honestly? 12/10 best thing that could have happened,’ she said. 

Some suggested to send a tart response to the woman. 

‘Perhaps Bride and Groom should send a card apologising for inviting her. ‘Sorry, we didn’t really want you at the wedding but family insisted we give you the right to refuse, as they knew you’d want to’,’ one person said coolly.

The wife said ‘Uncle Danny’ was barely tolerated within the family and she had only met him a number of times. She also said she found his presence uncomfortable. 

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