Bernie Sander's Flailing Arms at the Democratic Debate Produced the Best Memes

The first night of CNN’s Democratic debates aired on Tuesday evening and it truly divided Americans (between those who tuned in and those who opted to watch the Bachelorette finale).

It was a long night of moderator interruptions, Bernie Sanders slights, and nervous John Delaney smiles — perhaps the “dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred” is at play here? — but we persevered, and our labor was not in vain. With the sheer volume of memes last night generated, we really all walked away winners.

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As per usual, Marianne Williamson was doing the most:

And Bernie Sanders likely attracted even more millennial supporters when he sparked the night’s quintessential meme:

Elizabeth Warren put Delaney squarely in his place:

But he just kept on smiling:

Warren and Amy Klobuchar ~may~ share a stylist:

Here’s hoping night two gives us half the social media rewards reaped from night one’s cocktail of presidential optimism.

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