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A BABY walker can provide stability and support when your child is learning to stand up and walk.

Based on our own expert knowledge and top customer reviews, we’ve picked out the best baby walkers you need to have on your radar.

Whatever your style or budget, and whatever your baby’s stage of mobility, there’s a baby walker to suit you.

Some of the best baby walkers, like VTech’s popular First Steps walker, can entertain a baby even when they aren't pushing it around, thanks to music and buttons to push and play with.

There are different styles of baby walker to choose from, like seated walkers for younger tots, walking frames for older ones to push and walkers with trailers or baskets that can wheel toys around.

Other top baby walkers work to contain younger children – providing a padded seat and plastic tray enclosure.

Are walkers safe for babies?

Depending on who you ask, and even where you live, there is disagreement over whether or not height-adjustable walkers are safe for babies.

In 2007, baby walkers were banned in Canada due to reported dangers and childminders in the UK are advised against using them as part of their work by the National Childminding Association.

Yet you'll find them for sale in almost every baby store in the country, and they have been certified safe by the European Committee for Standardisation.

These concerns stem from a number of reports of injuries caused to babies while in seated walkers.

Children have been known to tip themselves out of these walkers, catch fingers between the side of walkers and walls and the extra height can give them access to plug sockets and other items that would typically be out of their reach.

Physiotherapists have also warned the use of baby walkers could actually hinder a child's ability to learn to walk.

The European Standard for baby walkers was changed in 2005 and manufacturers are now obliged to make them move more slowly and add safety features to protect babies from steps and trapping their hands or limbs.

If you want to make sure you're buying the best baby walker, make sure it meets standard BS EN 1273:2005.

The NHS also advises you only keep your baby in a seated walker for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time.

Additionally, as with all baby gear, it is the parent's responsibility to make sure the items are being used safely and as intended, and you should be vigilant to never leave your child unattended, even for a second.


Which baby walker is best on carpet?

The best baby walkers to use on carpet are those which your little one stands behind and pushes with their hands, such as the VTech First Steps walker we recommend in our list of best baby walkers below.

These aren’t suitable for babies who are only just sitting unaided, or those still a little unsteady on their feet.

They do provide entertainment, though, ahead of your baby reaching these milestones.

Further to the recent changes made to the European Standard, designed to make baby walkers safe, the wheels on seated walker models have been deliberately designed to move more slowly, and with greater resistance.

While this makes them great for keeping your little one safe, it does mean they’re harder to use on carpet than previously, especially for your tottering baby’s developing legs.

It also depends on the thickness of your carpets, and the type of pile so there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule.

The Joovy Spoon is rated as the best seated walker on carpet, due to the position and shape of its wheels.

However, it’s not easy to get a hold of in the UK and may require import taxes if you ship from the US.

Instead, we recommend getting a lightweight, smaller model such as the Chad Valley baby walker, or the Bright Starts Pack of Pals seated walker.

Being lightweight, these walkers make it easier for your baby to push the more resistant wheels.


Best baby walker all-rounder

  • VTech First Steps Baby Walker, £22.49 at Argos – buy here

This four-wheeled baby walker comes with a removable interactive activity centre with lights and sounds.

It’s hard-wearing, great value for money and the colours and knobs to push, turn and pull will entertain your baby even when the batteries run out.

Best baby walker for younger babies

  • MyChild Roundabout 4-in-1 activity walker, £65 at Mothercare – buy here

Suitable from six months, this multi-tasking baby walker has a rotating seat with activities on either side of the tray featuring a range of sensory toys, as well as lights, sounds and tunes.

It can be used as a bouncer or a walker.

Parents like that it’s easy to put together, sturdy, reliable and that it buys them some much-needed hands-free time.

Best baby walker with wagon

  • Labebe baby walker, £37.99 at Amazon – buy here

For parents who don’t want any more plastic tat in the house, this wooden walker is the one for you.

Not only does it look good, the spacious toy chest wagon also helps your little one hide away all of their other toys.

Rubber ring wheels protect floors and make it easy to push on all surfaces, including carpet.

Best baby walker for car lovers

  • MyChild Car 2-in-1 baby walker, £59.99 at Argos – buy here

Once you start looking into baby walkers, you’ll be surprised at the myriad of car-themed ones out there.

MyChild’s Car 2-in-1 baby walker has mostly positive reviews.

It is suitable for babies from six months and features three height positions, a padded seat and back support and a racing car play tray with lights and sound.

It also converts to a rocker.

Best baby walker for entertainment

  • Little Tikes Light n Go 3-in-1 activity walker, £40.00 at Argos – buy here

Little Tikes’ walker folds down into an activity table with plenty to engage the curious baby.

As the child pushes it along, lights activate to create a cool, entertaining and motivating projection on the floor for them to chase after.

Best baby walker for value for money

  • Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker, £27.99 at Argos – buy here

This fun zebra walker has lights, sounds, ABCs and 123s, making it a favourite for engaging little ones – and keeping them interested as they get older.

Best baby walker to grow with your baby

  • Babymoov Walker 2-in-1 petrol, £89.99 at Amazon – buy here

This walker grows with your baby (it’s suitable from nine months), starting out as a supported walker with activity tray and transforming into a pusher.

Can fold down ultra-compactly for easy storage.

Best baby walker made of wood

  • Classic World wooden walker, £49.99 at Amazon – buy here

Beautifully designed, this sturdy wooden walker comes complete with sorting blocks, xylophone, clock and spinning mirror.

It is ideal for children aged one and above.

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