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ENSURING your tresses stay in tip-top condition is essential when you have hair extensions.

A good brush will not only keep your faux hair from unnecessary breakage and needing replacement more frequently, but it will also help to keep your natural hair in good condition too.

Whether you have a weave, micro-bonds, clip-ins or taped hair extensions, your natural hair is prone to more damage because they all apply pressure at the root.

If you have extensions, your tresses can't be treated like natural hair.

Human hair extensions, be they clip-ins, a weave, nano bonds or even tapes, need to be treated better than your own natural locks.

From washing them regularly to not using too much heat, serious care is required to ensure they last their maximum time.

They are expensive to buy in the first place so spending a little extra on the right tools is of utmost importance.

Investing in a special brush ensures that your natural hair doesn't get pulled at the root and that the bonds of the fake hair aren't loosened.

Here's our compilation of the best brushes for hair extensions – they will make all the difference, trust us.

1. Bamboo brush for hair extensions

  • Bamboo Hairbrush, £4 from The Body Shop – buy here

If you want value for money, check out this bamboo brush from The Body Shop.

Only for £4, it's an utter bargain and you're saving the planet too by opting out of a plastic model.

It'll banish any frizziness and will leave your hair looking super soft.

The brush is great for scalp stimulation and is great for de-tangling strands.

It's better for hair straight out of the shower but it can also be used when your hair is dry.

2. Best hair brush for hair extensions: Pop of colour

  • Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra Brush, from £9 from Look Fantastic – buy here

The Denman Tangle Tamer is Amazon's best selling brush for hair extensions, so you know it must be popular for a reason.

It comes in a variety of colours, but our personal favourite is ultra blue.

The super soft nylon bristles paired with the air-cushioned pad makes it great for gently untangling bonded or weaved hair.

3. The best Tangle Teezer for hair extensions

  • Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Finishing Brush, £16 John Lewis – buy here

Tangle Teezer is a household name for a reason, and if you haven't already tried one you need to.

They're available from a number of outlets and there are various styles but this one, in particular, is perfect for extensions.

It has a handle, unlike the original, which makes it easy to control when you're brushing long hair.

The pink model is tough enough that it can be used to untangle at the roots, but will also smooth out any strays and keep your locks looking silky smooth.

4. Best paddle brush for hair extensions

  • GHD Paddle Brush, £20 from GHD – buy here

GHD is the brand behind the world's most popular hair straighteners so they definitely know a thing or two about taking care of your hair.

A paddle brush is a staple that every woman should have, extensions or not, and this particular model is great for blowdrying.

The broad flat base makes it ideal for styling and giving hair that sleek, shiny finish, and it's a bargain too.

5. Best brush for hair extensions: The celeb favourite

  • Large Paddle Brush, £25 from Beauty Works – buy here

Beauty Works is the UK's largest supplier of hair extensions and have every type going – truly experts in that field.

So you can bet that the large paddle brush is going to be perfect for hair extensions as it's been tailor-made with them in mind.

The soft natural bristles provide the perfect cushioning and won't drag your hair.

Pulling at the root of your bonds with a tough brush can drag your extensions down, resulting in hair loss, thinning, or even your extensions falling out, which will be expensive to fix.

This particular brush has won multiple awards, is favourited by celebrities and is well worth the £25 price.

6. Best brush for wet hair extensions

  • Wet Brush the Shine Brush, £9.05 from Feel Unique – buy here

Available in three gorgeous colours – silver, hot pink and purple, the Shine Brush by Wet Brush is ideal for keeping hair looking glossy and is made specifically for brushing wet hair extensions.

It's ergonomically designed with a non-slip handle and can be used on real or synthetic hair.

If you style wigs, it can be used on them without damaging the sensitive roots and will banish all of your tangles.

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