Best Face Cleansers 2021 | The Sun UK

YOU don't have to be a skincare guru to own a face cleanser – it should be a staple component in everyone's daily morning and evening routines.

The best face cleansers work way better than any face wash, giving you a deeper clean, removing any impurities and reducing the chance of breakouts.

Whether you've been out for a walk in the park, or commuted to work on the dusty tube, your faces gathers lots of bacteria, dirt and other debris throughout the day.

Facial cleansers help remove all of that gross stuff, refreshing your complexion by removing anything that might be irritable to your skin or cause blemishes.

You simply apply cleanser after removing your make-up in the evening, or just after brushing your teeth in the morning. Once you start properly cleaning your skin, you won't look back.

To help you find one of the best face cleansers out there, we've curated a list of the most popular, cult beauty faves according to reviews, and well, our personal favourites.

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