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YOU can't beat a good brew, which is why choosing the best kettle is absolutely essential.

Whether you're an English breakfast tea, Earl Grey or herbal tea lover, a good kettle can make all the difference.

Some will even adapt their water temperatures depending on your tea selection – who knew kettles could be so fancy?

Depending on your budget there are a wide array of options to choose between, from an old school stovetop option that whistles for a retro feel, to cheap and cheerful kettles that get the job done.

Whatever you need from your kettle, it's best to do your research so you don't make a costly mistake.

Luckily our expert opinion, combined with user reviews, has enabled us to find some of the best options on the market.

1. Best all rounder

There's little wrong with this sleek stainless steel kettle with a rounded finish that's easy on the eye.

Not only is it one of the fastest to boil – bonus – it also has compact design so it'll tuck neatly away on your worktop.

When it heats up, it does so quietly. Well worth the slightly punchy price tag.

  • Dualit Domus Kettle, £99.98 from Amazon – buy here

2. Best extra amenities

Ahh Smeg. It really is the ultimate "goals" brand when it comes to kitchen appliances.

The brand's offerings have a unique vintage appeal that will stand the test of time.

Smeg appliances are always reliable too and keep ahead of the game in terms of features.

This kettle's temperature control means you can boil it to the perfect heat for your tipple of choice – apparently coffee, green tea and English breakfast tea all have preferred temps, who knew?

  • Smeg Temperature Controlled Kettle, £159.95 from John Lewis – buy here

3. Cheapest kettle

Sometimes cheap and cheerful is all that you need.

This kettle does the job, and for £9.99, it's a bargain to boot.

It's one for a tight budget, perfect for freshers off to uni or couples setting up their first home together.

  • Cookworks Kettle, £9.99 from Argos – buy here

Which brand of electric kettle is the best?

There are many great brands that offer quality, easy-to-fill kettles that allow you to measure water level accurately.

The best brand will depend on the individual needs whether you are looking for a glass kettle, traditional, or a smart one.

We suggest taking a look at the most popular brands such as Russell Hobbs, Morphy Richards, and Cookworks.

4. Best stovetop design

Le Creuset is a renowned French brand that is well respected across the world for its investment products made from enamelled cast iron.

The word investment of course means pricey, but the label's appliances are made to last.

This kettle is made for a stove, so its design exudes a traditional feel, especially because it whistles when it's ready.

It's got a huge capacity of 2.1l, and looks stylish in all scenarios.

And if you're going to do it, do it well – go classic with volcanic orange, the company's trademark hue.

  • Le Creuset Traditional Stovetop Whistling Kettle, £95 from John Lewis – buy here

5. Best smart kettle

In an age where digital reigns supreme, appliances are leading the way in making our homes smarter and more efficient.

This kettle can be linked up to a Smarter app which allows you to switch it on remotely whether you've just left work, or you can't tear yourself away from your favourite box set.

Lazy? Perhaps.

But we love the innovative design and how the app tells you how full the kettle is.

You can even set a daily alarm which will ensure its ready and waiting for your first morning coffee.

  • Smarter iKettle 3rd Generation, £99.99 from Smarter – buy here

6. Chicest kettle

We suppose this is quite a subjective opinion, but we really struggle to see what you wouldn't like about the look of this kettle.

Copper is very on-trend and it has been for several years – it seems to be going nowhere anytime soon, plus metallics are always in, right?

The unique thing about this kettle though is that it changes from clear to blue as the water heats up inside and you can see it bubbling away.

It can't all be about looks though, but luckily it's got more to offer, boasting a big 1.7l capacity, plus its removable washable filter helps out on the limescale front.

  • Russell Hobbs Illuminating Jug Kettle, £34.99 from Currys – buy here

7. Best for keeping water warm post-boil

Sage is an old-fashioned word that means 'wise'.

It's no surprise then that most Sage appliances seem to come out on top with cleverly designed products that have a high-end feel.

This kettle has a large capacity of 1.7l and you're going to love the keep warm function.

It boasts variable temperatures depending on what you want to drink and pre-set functions – including an Oolong tea button.

It's not, for us at least, its handiest function, but there are slightly less niche buttons for coffee, white tea and Green.

  • Sage the Smart Kettle, £61.19 from Amazon – buy here

What is the best fast boil kettle?

We suggest choosing Dualit Domus Kettle as the best fast boil kettle because it uses 3kW element for a speedy boiling.

This kettle is also easy to fill, lift and pour and features 360 degrees swivel base with the cordless operation.

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