Bethenny Frankel: Seeing kids, elderly in masks is really upsetting

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Bethenny Frankel is heartbroken over the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic — particularly the sight of kids and the elderly still wearing masks all day.

“It all makes me sad but the elderly & these young kids in school, having to live entire days in masks, is really upsetting,” Frankel, 51, tweeted on Tuesday.

She added, “It’s terrible for everyone but seeing a baby or a disabled elderly person with a mask breaks me.”

Fans had mixed reactions to Frankel’s tweets. Some opined that masks will continue to be a common practice for years to come, with others calling them unnecessary.

“Where are you seeing babies with masks? Children under 2 aren’t required. And it’s truly sad for everyone but until people get vaccinated and take their health seriously, this will be the indefinite future,” one Twitter user commented.

“My wife teaches 1st grade. These kids don’t give a crap about the masks. They forget they even have it on. It’s the adults that say masks are cruel. THE KIDS DON’T CARE!” someone wrote.

“Not sure why folks doing what they can to prevent Covid would be sad. The kids don’t care and the elderly are the ones voluntarily wearing masks to protect themselves and others,” another stated.

“I agree. It’s abuse and there isn’t 1 study showing any Benefit. It’s virtue signaling for anyone saying otherwise,” added another.

Regardless of how they make her feel, the “Real Housewives of New York City” alum has been a major advocate for mask-wearing since the beginning of the pandemic and even donated 250,000 N95 masks to hospitals across the Big Apple at the start of the pandemic when masks were sparse through her B Strong foundation.

She detailed the “shady” journey she embarked on to acquire the surgical masks during the mask shortage in May 2020, telling the New York Times, “Everybody knew a guy who knew a guy.”

She added, “You feel like you’re in a Moroccan bazaar, and wherever you’re turning, left and right, everybody is holding shiny objects.”

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