Billy Porter Rode into the Met Gala on the Shoulders of Five Shirtless Men

There’s extra, and then there’s Billy Porter.

The Pose star, famous for his over-the-top red carpet looks (he wore a gown to the Academy Awards this year), arrived at the 2019 Met Gala in a truly awe-inspiring look.

Leaning into an Egyptian vibe, Porter hit the pink carpet in a bedazzled The Blonds beaded jumpsuit, cape, headdress, and custom Giuseppe Zanotti boots, glittering from head-to-toe — but he didn’t do so without a little help from his five shirtless assistants. The men carried him in on a velvet-draped plank, pharaoh style.

After stepping down from his cushy roost, Porter spread his arms to reveal that his cape transformed into a set of gilded sequined wings.

Of course, his makeup, too, was perfectly extravagant — his eyes rimmed with golden paint and rhinestones, and his lips bearing a golden stripe down the middle.

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While the precise inspiration behind his look is unclear, it’s possible that he was channeling the Egyptian Goddess Isis (who had wings). Can we get an amen? 

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