Bloke gets ultimate revenge on former boss who fired him from engineer job

A worker who was sacked from his job at an engineering company decided to get his revenge on his former boss after an unusual opportunity presented itself to him.

Twitter user, @Firr, from the US, posted about his diabolical plan on social media where he explained that two weeks after being given the sack a recruiter approached him.

They offered Firr a job interview… at the firm he had just been fired from.

Firr was feeling scheming and decided to comply with the interview request.

He bought a number of false moustaches in order to sneak past his former co-workers and managed to get to the final interview round for the role before they figured it out.

The man not only managed to waste his former employer’s time but also snagged lots of free food too.

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In his first tweet about the situation, which went viral and garnered more than 212,000 likes, Firr said: “I'm currently unemployed. A recruiter lined me up an interview… with the employer that just fired me.

“I wish I was making that up.”

For his first interview, the bloke wore a mask in the waiting room and added facial hair to be safe from detection.

“The hiring manager is a guy that I haven’t met before,” he said. “The resume I passed doesn’t have my old job listed by name.

“He stepped out for a minute, asked if I needed anything. I mentioned I skipped lunch I was so nervous so he brought snacks!!”

The hiring manager then told Firr: “You seem like an ideal candidate, but I’m not really technical enough to ask you some hard questions. Are you okay if I go grab one of our engineers?”

He was given more snacks when he agreed and his luck held when the engineer was a man he had only briefly spoken to before.

The engineer did seem to recognise Firr but didn’t know from where, saying: “I think I’ve seen you around. Did you ever freelance here before?”

He replied: “I think so. I’ve freelanced a lot of places.”

The lad got through to the next round but this time the interviewer was his former boss.

He added: “So are you here to really reinterview for this job?”

To which Firr jokingly responded: “I don’t understand the ‘re’ part, but I would like to know more about this role.”

He revealed that the employers were “furious” with him for not mentioning that he had previously worked at the company.

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Fire commented: “I just said I couldn’t recall! Things change so much in two weeks, you know.”

He was then removed from the building and as he got in his car ripped off the moustache and asked: “How did you know it was me?”

To which the boss told him to “get out of here”.

Fir tweeted: “I’m stable right now doing freelancing.

“I got actual interviews lined up. So I have no issue taking a bit of time out of my day to have some fun.”

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