Boss threatens to remove free bar on Fridays after staff soil their underwear

The boss of a leading PR consultancy accused junior staff of pooing in the shower and "acting like clubbing teens" in a furious company-wide email.

Gordon Tempest-Hay, CEO of Teneo , wrote to the company's 250 employees in London last week telling them their behaviour had gotten "out of hand" following several outrageous incidents.

The 54-year-old said a shocked cleaning maid was left to pick up a soiled piece of underwear, while another culprit is believed to have defecated in the shower.

Drunken antics at the company's plush London Bridge even saw one employee allegedly vomit over the carpet during a work outing.

He said: "Over the last few weeks, we have had: Someone get drunk and throw up over the carpet (they've apologised, but still); Someone I can't put this any less bluntly poo in the shower; Someone mess their underwear and leave it for the cleaner."

The CEO threatened to remove the company's bar – which offers free Friday drinks – as a result of the indcident.

"A Friday bar getting completely out of hand akin to a drinking competition for a bunch of clubbing teens," he wrote in the email leaked to the Times .

"Not only are these things inappropriate for a workplace but it is totally unacceptable to expect our lovely cleaning lady to clear up the resultant mess."

"Please treat this place properly or we'll have to withdraw the showers and stop the bar".

The company, which is headquartered in Manhattan, employs a number of high-profile personnel including former Tory communications director Sir Craig Oliver.

Other senior advisors include Brian Mulroney, the former Canadian prime minister, former US/Middle East envoy George Mitchell and BT chairman Sir Michael Rake.

Mr Tempest-Hay did not respond to a request from The Times to discuss his message to staff. 

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