Bride replaces groom with mannequin at wedding after he misses big day

A bride was forced to dance with her "mannequin husband" at her wedding after he was rushed to a hospital with food poisoning.

The newlyweds had booked their wedding reception at the Victorian Youngsville in North Carolina, US, but the groom unfortunately feel sick at the dinner.

Instead of cancelling the event, the bride and the wedding venue devised an emergency plan and created a "mannequin" with a clothing steamer and an iPad.

Sharing on the venue's TikTok account, they said: "When the groom suddenly becomes sick and goes to the hospital on wedding day."

The team dressed the portable steamer up in a suit and attached an iPad on top with the groom's picture on display.

Although the day was far from conventional, the bride seemed to enjoy dancing with her "makeshift" husband.

She even holds on to one sleeve and pretends the two of them cutting the wedding cake together.

The once-in-a-lifetime moment has left the guest in stitches and some of them are seen taking selfie with the bride and the "mannequin groom".

"He had severe food poisoning and is doing better now!" the caption explained.

The video has raked in nearly 890,000 views and the groom even commented to thank for the staff at the venue.

He said: "Huge thank you to the Victoria. This was our third attempt at a "Covid" wedding.

"Due to other attempts and hospital regulations, and hopes for me returning to the ceremony, I wanted her to stay with her friends and family.

"We have happily been together for almost eight years, with many more to come."

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Viewers were touched by the video and said it shows "in sickness and in health at its finest".

One wrote: "The bride had the best attitude!"

"I love how they rolled with the punches and kept the joy," a second said and a third praised the bride: "Other brides would be so upset. You're a keeper!"

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