Bulldogs turn completely green after playing with food colouring

Two French bulldogs ended up looking like the Incredible Hulk when they stumbled upon some food colouring and smeared it all over their bodies.

Owner Yada Ornsomjit, from Thailand, found her mischievous pets named Dam-nam and Sai-Au looking much brighter than usual.

Yada regretted leaving the kitchen door open in her home in Lamphun as she woke up the next day to find the mess.

In a video, which has now gone viral, the green bulldogs can be seen looking sheepish.

As funny as the incident might be to you and me, it took Yada three tries to wash all the food colouring off.

Not so incredible.

The colour could be seen spread across the kitchen floor which the two dogs traipsed on.

Somehow, they managed to cover every bit of their body green while some other dogs seen in the video were untouched.

Perhaps they were the only two who managed to sneak in.

‘I forgot to shut the kitchen door the night before. But I couldn’t believe they went inside and made everything green’ Yada explained to Mail Online.

To those wondering, food colouring isn’t harmful to dogs when ingested. Food colouring or even dyes from foods (like beets for pink hair) are natural, and non-toxic.

While it might’ve not hurt Dam-nam and Sai-Au, Yada is pretty damned, having to clean all that up.

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