Can you guess the price of these barn conversions?

Can you guess the price of these barn conversions? Take our quiz to see how many you get right from 10 homes for sale across Britain

  • How many of the 10 homes for sale in our guess-the-price quiz can you get right?
  • Featured are properties around the country from Scotland to Cornwall
  • Asking prices can reach millions of pounds or lower six-figures

Dreaming of a perfect weekend relaxing at your barn conversion in the countryside this summer?

Well, if you don’t own a pretty barn conversion already, now’s your chance to snap one up with wooden beams and large open-plan spaces.

We’ve picked 10 barn conversions for sale around Britain, from Scotland to Cornwall. 

But can you work out those that cost little more than £100,000 and those with a multi-million pound price tag? Scroll to the bottom to take the quiz

Can you guess the price of these barn conversions around the country?

If you’re thinking of undertaking your own barn conversion project, there are a number of issues that you’ll need to consider, such as planning permission. 

Robin Gould, director of buying agency Prime Purchase, explained: ‘If a barn is listed, then you have listed buildings issues that can make a conversion more tricky, but planners are perfectly willing to consider them in general. 

‘With pressure on housing in the countryside, a sensible scheme that converts a barn into a nice residential dwelling shouldn’t face too many objections.

However, he went on to warn how costly barn conversions can be, saying: ‘Barn conversions are expensive and many buyers grossly under-estimate the cost which is significantly higher than building from scratch.

‘They are big buildings and require big builds to go with them. Much also depends on the condition – with a timber-framed barn you often end up rebuilding it rather than converting it. 

‘Buyers need to be wary of the condition and structure, which is not always obvious from the outside.

With a timber-framed barn you often end up rebuilding it rather than converting it

He added: ‘Be prepared to live in a quirky building as you often end up with beams in first floor spaces at head height, so you will be forever cracking your head. 

‘While there tends to be a cavernous open space on the ground floor, the first floor is much more of a challenge with often only velux windows in the roof to let in light but you can’t see out of them.

‘If you don’t like open-plan living then a barn won’t be for you but they can suit people with young families who require lots of space for the children to run around.’

Try our quiz and put your property knowledge to the test by finding out if you can tell which of these barn conversions are the most expensive.

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