Clever hacks to deep clean your kitchen bin using household items

The kitchen bin tends to be an unpleasant place.

It’s smelly, leaky, moist, and just generally pretty gross thanks to being home to all your unwanted food and cooking waste.

Bins don’t need to be particularly beautiful, but if your kitchen bin is becoming an eyesore, or giving off an offensive stench, you probably need to think about a deep clean.

Getting a seriously sparkling finish on your kitchen trash can doesn’t have to be a complicated affair, and you don’t need to invest in expensive cleaning products either.

The experts at Tap Warehouse have revealed their tips to help you keep your bin looking and smelling fresh using just household products – including white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, and coffee.

Coffee grounds

Coffee works wonders on grease, place two teaspoons of coffee grounds onto a wet cloth and scrub away any grease or food particles.

Coffee grounds can also be used to banish odours by sprinkling them in the bottom of your bin before putting in a bin bag.  

Bicarbonate of soda

An easy way to keep bin odours at bay is to sprinkle bicarbonate of soda in the bottom of your bin and leave it there as you fill your bin.

When you empty the bin, don’t forget to sprinkle the bicarbonate of soda on the bottom again.

Half a lemon

Another way to leave your bin smelling fresh is by following the bicarbonate of soda steps above but instead of leaving it until you next change your bin, only leave it for 10 minutes.

Then rub the inside of the bin with half a lemon before putting in a bin bag. Citrusy freshness.

White vinegar

This is the perfect hack to give your bin that added shine.

Make a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle, spray the bin, and use a dish sponge to scrub the inside and outside of the bin.


Washing up liquid

Your household saviour, washing up liquid, can help to keep your home healthy.

Washing up liquid is an effective way to kill germs.

Either grab a soapy dish sponge and use it to scrub the bin, or fill the bin with hot water and washing up liquid.

Leave it to sit for 10 minutes before pouring the water out and drying it with a cloth.

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