Colleen Ballinger, Other TikTok Users Are Splashing Water on Their Babies

Just a splash! Colleen Ballinger is one of thousands of TikTok users taking part in a new trend that involves people pouring a small amount of room-temperature water on their unsuspecting little ones.

The unusual fad emerged in June 2020 and is set to the track. “Ah Eh,” which was created by a user known as queen_zyon1. With each “ah” and “eh” uttered in the song, users must splash some water from a bottle they are holding onto their kiddos.

sooo @itsjojosiwatext me and told me i had to try this with my baby… he LOVED IT

♬ Ah Eh – queen_zyon1

The Miranda Sings star, 33, posted her version of this craze on June 5. In the clip, she holds her 18-month-old son, Flynn, on her lap, and periodically splashes him with water in line with the music. Though the toddler wasn’t expecting to get drenched, he laughed with each gush of water and was clearly having fun.

“Sooo @itsjojosiwa text [sic] me and told me i had to try this with my baby… he LOVED IT,” Ballinger explained in her TikTok caption.

Siwa, 17, commented on the clip and was seriously impressed with the adorable outcome. “I LOVE YOU AND HIM AND THIS,” the YouTube star gushed. “AMAZING.”

Since the California native’s TikTok earlier this month, thousands of other users have shared their own takes on this wet yet harmless challenge. For example, a user named Tia Dunham splashed her 6-month-old, who made some pretty hilarious expressions each time he got wet. “No babies were harmed in this video,” Dunham joked in the caption.

This craze is just the latest challenge to gain popularity on TikTok. In recent months, especially in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the social media platform has become quite the hub for emerging food trends, hacks and games. Last month, celebrity moms such as Kylie Jenner and Gabrielle Union put their kids to the test via the candy challenge.

The sweet gimmick involved little ones being asked to wait for a certain amount of time before they can snack on some nearby treats. While 22-year-old Jenner’s daughter Stormi, 2, proved to be especially patient, 47-year-old Union’s little girl, Kaavia, 18-months, made it clear she has no interest in TikTok shenanigans.

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