Could YOU eat like a celebrity?

Are celebrity diets REALLY good for you? Nutritionist gives her verdict on what’s on the stars’ plates – from Rihanna’s high protein breakfast to Bella Hadid’s ice cream snacks

  • British-born Mia Challiner, went viral after eating meals inspired by celebrities
  • Mia, who lives in France, has racked up 204.5K followers 9M likes on TikTok
  • Stars include Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Rihanna
  • Nutritionist Mays Al-Ali, from London, has revealed how healthy stars meals are 

From catwalk stars to social media sensations, celebrities usually have an army of nutritionists and private chefs on hand to make sure their diet keeps them looking in tip top shape. 

But which stars have the healthiest regimes and who could be sacrificing essential nutrients in favour of keeping calories low?  

British-born Mia Challiner, who now lives in France, went viral on TikTok eating meals inspired by her favourite celebrities, using information found online, for 24-hours – racking up nine million likes on the social media app.

Now nutritionist Mays Al-Ali, from London, has analysed her videos for FEMAIL to work out how healthy these meal plans really are, revealing that while many are low in calories, not all of them have the nutrients your body needs. 

For example, while Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima’s high-protein diet is well-balanced and full of all three necessary macros, Dua Lipa’s low calorie regime may leave you feeling hungry, and in need of complex carbs and vegetables.  

Hailey Bieber 

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, nutritional yeast, smoothies, mango, mixed berries

Lunch: Salad bowl with vegetable sushi, avocado, edamame beans, sweet potato, black rice, be a sprouts, kale, tofu

Dinner: Gluten-free pasta and tomato sauce 

 How healthy is this diet?

This one isn’t bad. Breakfast and lunch are great but dinner lacks protein, If the pasta was made from lentils, this could have boosted it.  

If it was white pasta then that isn’t ideal, always better to go for wholemeal pasta or lentil/bean pastas. 

Also there are not enough veggies in the dinner either, definitely need to boost it with a salad. 

I would also say it might be a little light for her daily requirements but its hard to know without knowing her activity levels or portion sizes.

Model Hailey Bieber had a decent diet, according to Mays , with a great breakfast and lunch but a dinner lacking in protein

Kim Kardashian West

Breakfast: Acai bowl: Mango, berries, banana, goji berries, granola 

Lunch: Tortilla wrap, beans, sweetcorn, greek yoghurt, salad 

Dinner:  Avocado, sweet potato fries, tofu, green beans 

How healthy is this diet?

This one is ok, but breakfast could do with a boost of protein and if the granola is quite sugary, as it often can be when its shop bought, thats not ideal either as we want to minimise sugar in our diet which is inflammatory. 

The wrap for lunch if its made from white flour won’t be the best either as its better to have a wholemeal wrap thats less refined. 

Dinner is good as contains all three macros and veggies. Again, it could be a little light on food depending on her activity levels and the portion sizes.  

Mays said reality star Kim Kardashian could do with a boost of protein in her diet 

Bella Hadid

Breakfast: Apple cider vinegar, two eggs half an avocado, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries. 

Lunch: Salad, beetroot, carrot, cheese, salmon cucumber, red cabbage 

Snack: Ice cream

Dinner: Pizza 

How healthy is this diet?

This one isn’t so good in the snack and dinner area, we all know that ice cream is high fat, high sugar and affects our blood sugars negatively and in turn can also disrupt our hormone balance. 

Add into that a high refined carb and dairy pizza for dinner, then you aren’t doing your body any favours at all. 

Plus there are no veggies in the dinner and I always like to encourage my clients to have at least three portions in every meal to try and near more to 10 fruits and veggies a day (beyond the NHS requirement of 5 which individuals more rainbow antioxidant benefits or these fruits and veggies). 

As well as that, having apple cider vinegar with your meal doesn’t have as much benefit as having it 30mins before, as this way it stimulates digestive enzyme production which will improve how the meal is digested. 

Breakfast is a little light on complex carbs, she could have added some sweet potato or wholemeal/sourdough toast to the meal. 

Mays felt supermodel Bella Hadid’s diet could do with improvement, with high refined carb and dairy pizza for dinner

Dua Lipa 

Breakfast: One banana and almond butter

Lunch: Tortilla wrap with greek yoghurt, half an avocado, sweetcorn, two cherry tomatoes and kidney beans

Dinner: Three slices of pizza

This one isn’t so good. Breakfast is really small – this wont keep her energised for the morning. 

There’s not much protein in there either and it could do with more low GI fruits like berries, she could have put it in a smoothie with veggies too. 

Lunch is ok but again if its a white tortilla wrap then this could definitely be improved to wholemeal. 

Dinner isn’t ideal, pizza isn’t the healthiest of choices as made from refined white flour usually so wont keep you full and will affect your glucose metabolism and no veggies in there at all. 

Overall its doesn’t contain enough calories to sustain her daily needs, is low on veggies and low on complex carbs which are needed to keep us full for longer and avoid blood sugar crashes.

Mays felt singer Dua Lipa’s diet was too low calorie, with her breakfast leaving her feeling unenergised

Taylor Swift

Breakfast: Buckweat wrap with one egg, cheese, tomato and a glass of orange juice 

Lunch: Avocado or cucumber sandwich 

Snack: Cucumber and hummus  

Dinner:  Pasta, salmon, asparagus, broccoli, carrots

Dessert: Brownie or cookie. 

How healthy is this diet? 

Another one that could be improved. I like the buckwheat wrap for breakfast thats a great complex carb addition, but she could have increased the meal with two eggs. 

The orange juice, I would avoid entirely – having sugary fruit juice without the fibre really spikes our glucose levels and I would always recommend to eat the orange rather than have the juice. If it was a green vegetable juice this wouldn’t have the same sugary effect and would be beneficial however. 

Lunch doesn’t have enough protein and doesn’t seem very filling or enough. 

The snack is good and dinner is ok, but it depends on the pasta choice, I would always go for wholemeal pasta over white refined carb pasta or even better you can get some great lentil and bean pastas that are high protein. 

The dessert of brownie or cookie isn’t a great addition either, usually very high sugar. But you can make healthier alternatives and add in sweet potato or even beetroot into chocolate brownies, which may sound weird but tastes delicious. So it would really depend on the ingredients.   

Mays felt singer Taylor Swift’s diet could be improved with less sugar and more protein


Breakfast: Three eggs, one piece of toast and berries 

Lunch: Fish, lettuce, cucumber, cheese, sweetcorn, walnuts, lemon, chia seeds 

Dinner: Curry and rice  

How healthy is this diet? 

This one is very good for breakfast – great high protein breakfast. I love the three eggs, they’re a great protein source when you have three.

Lunch is nice and high protein but could do with a more complex carbs in it, for example sweet potato or butternut squash. 

The curry dinner, depends on ingredients and if it was brown rice. Curry can definitely be made healthier – however it can be unhealthy with lots of oils, cream and white rice etc. 

So if it’s that version then the dinner choice could be improved with more veggies added too.

Rihanna ticks the boxes with a high protein breakfast, but might want to introudce more vegetables into her daily diet 

Barbara Palivn  

Breakfast: Two cups of coffee, porridge, frozen berries, chia seeds, soya milk

Lunch: Lentils, chicken or fish, sweet potato, celery, spinach 

Dinner: Goulash 

This one is ok, but the coffee should ideally be away from meals, and also sticking to one coffee would be much better. 

Porridge could do with a boost of protein powder and again depending on portion sizes and her activity levels this could be a little low calorie for her energy requirements. 

The dinner could definitely do with a boost of veggies too because she isn’t hitting her five a day here.  

May felt model Barbara Palivn’s meal plan was okay, however advised avoiding so much caffeine


Breakfast: Oatmeal with almond milk, blueberries, raspberries, chia seeds and black coffee

Lunch: Quinoa, tofu, flageolets, cucumber, avocado

Drink: Coconut water

Snack: Mixed raisins, iced coffee

Dinner: Sweet potato, brown rice, green beans, flageolets

How healthy is this diet? 

This one is a good one, my only notes would be, try to drink coffee 30mins-one hour after meals. 

The tanins in tea and coffee reduce absorption of important minerals such as iron so having caffeine away from our meals helps optimise mineral absorption. 

Also caffeine disrupts our sleep so I recommend to all my clients to try to avoid it past 11am, so her iced coffee snack could ideally be brought forward if it was in the afternoon and actually I wouldn’t recommend more than one cup per day either as that can also affect sleep quality. 

Also her breakfast needs more protein in it, she could add a scoop of vegan pea protein to the porridge. 

Its important to eat enough in every meal for optimum energy maintenance, blood sugar balance and muscle repair and protein is the most satiating macro so will help keep you full until the next meal. 

Singer Ariana Grande has a good diet according to Mays, however the nutritionist advised not drinking caffeine after 11AM 

Adriana Lima 

Breakfast: Smoothie with banana mango, berries and protein powder

Lunch: Poke bowl with brown rice, cucumber, salmon, mango, walnuts, kidney beans, chia seeds, soy sauce

Snack: Mixed nuts

Dinner: Salad with figs, avocado, beetroot, goats cheese onion.

How healthy is this diet? 

This one is very good, enough protein in every meal, complex carbs, veggies, healthy fats – all the macros included. 

I really like how the dinner is quite light but still has protein in the goats cheese and complex carbs in the beetroot as well as some healthy fats in the avocado, and fruit and vegetables. 

I always advise my clients to eat lightly for dinner for optimum sleep.

Mays told that Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima’s diet was near perfect, with healthy high protein meals

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