Couple slammed for Handmaid's Tale themed wedding photos

A newlywed couple have been criticised online after posing for wedding photos in front of the ‘hanging wall’ from The Handmaid’s Tale TV show.

Kendra Munro and Torsten Mueller even went a step further and asked photographers to photoshop images of women in the iconic red robes and white bonnets.

Critics have said that the couple have completely missed the point of the show and are celebrating symbols of misogynistic oppression with their ‘insensitive’ images.

But the couple are fans of the show and live in Cambridge, Ontario, where The Handmaid’s Tale is filmed – so a shoot in front of the wall where dead women are hanging on the show seemed entirely natural.

The post on Facebook was shared by a New York-based writer on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

People are not happy.

‘Oh god how can you misunderstand something to this degree,’ said one Twitter user.

‘A white woman cosplaying oppression on her wedding day..this is too much,’ wrote someone else on Twitter.

Photographers Shawn Van Daele and Clint Russell have come out defending the image, saying that the whole point was to start a difficult conversation.

Shawn said the angry reaction was sad and exactly as expected. He said it was a missed opportunity for people to educate themselves and engage in an issue rather than just being ‘keyboard warriors’.

We’re not sure that Kendra and Torsten are as happy about their wedding day becoming a political moment as their photographers seem to be.

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