Cyprus wowed viewers with very daring looks at this year’s Eurovision

Cyprus singers divide audiences with their VERY daring outfits including one which looked like a ‘chandelier crotch’ during this year’s Eurovision

  • Eleni Foureira, from Cyprus, returned for a special performance last night
  • She stole the show and wowed crowed with wild moves and very daring outfit
  • Singer Tamta was this year’s entry for Cyprus in this year’s song contest in Israel
  • Her outfit consisting of nude illusion and high thigh boots also raised eyebrows

All eyes were on Cyprus last night, as both this year’s and last year’s entry wowed crowded with dynamic performances and daring outfits. 

Last year’s entry Eleni Foureira surprised audiences by returning for a special performance in the second half of the Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Tel Aviv last night. 

Foureira, donning a nude illusion body suit adorned with stars in very strategic places and rhinestones, set the stage on fire with her dancers in an energetic rendition of Dancing Lasha Tumbai. 

Viewers were delighted with the performance and hailed Eleni the ‘true winner of Eurovision.’ 

While this year’s entry for Cyprus, Tamta, divided opinions on Twitter with her very daring nude illusion outfit too, paired with black high thigh boots and black laces. One Twitter user called it a chandelier crotch.


Eleni Foureira (pictured), Cyprus’ last year entry, made a triumphant return to the stage of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv for a special performance

This year’s entry for Cyprus, the beautiful Tamta, raised eyebrow with her daring outfit made of a nude illusion and a latex jacket and boots (pictured) 


Audience were pleasantly surprised to see Cyprus’ last year’s entry make a return to the Eurovision’s stage 

One excited viewer tweeted about Eleni’s show: ‘Eleni Foureira’s performance was the only performance that felt like a performance. The level of professionalism… Far too much.’

 ‘Actually, Eleni Foureira is the real winner of this year (and last year, of course).’ wrote another. 

‘Also, not having to carefully appeal to audiences and juries across Europe, Eleni Foureira’s outfit choice is slightly less modest than last year’s,’ one observed. 

‘Whenever Eleni Foureira comes on the stage she just owned it. It was good until she appeared than it burned up!!! Fuego,’ wrote another one in a nod to her performance for last year’s. 

Audiences were definitely intrigued by Tamta’s daring outfit choice, but some deemed it too distracting 

While audiences seemed split over Tamta’s outfit, they definitely liked her performance as the Cyprus entry

 While Tamta, who was singing Replay, for Cyprus also had fans commenting: ‘Ok, I 100% live for her outfit,’ one fan wrote. 

‘Well, Cyprus has got my vote based purely on her outfit,’ another wrote. 

‘Interesting outfit, Cyprus,’ noted one. 

Not everyone was a fan of the outfit, however. As some noted it was very distracting: ‘I’m not sure if I like Cyprus’ song. I was distracted by the outfit. All that’s missing is the whip,’ noted one. 

‘I like Cyprus outfit, I’m just concerned about the chandelier crotch,’ joked another.  

Eleni Foureira with her dancers, performing on the stage of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Israel 

Elini Foureira’s return convinced her fans – and dedicated viewers of the Eurovision – that she was 

Holland have triumphed at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Israel – while Britain’s Michael Rice finished bottom of the pile on just 16 points.

Duncan Laurence, 25, won with 492 points. He was named the Eurovision front-runner shortly after releasing his anthemic piano ballad Arcade in March and remained the bookies’ favourite ever since.

Gold glitter rained from the ceiling as Laurence’s name was called and he climbed back on stage to lift the trophy, handed to him by Netta Barzilai.

The winner of this year’s contest was Duncan Laurence, who sang ‘Arcarde,’ for the Netherlands 

But the UK finished last for the first time since 2010 as former X-Factor contestant Michael Rice scored just 16 points with his power ballad, Bigger Than Us.  

Britain’s 21-year-old Eurovision entry Michael Rice took to the stage in Tel Aviv, hoping to turn around the UK’s fortunes and bring the crown back to Britain for the first time in 22 years.

He was joined by an outfit of backing vocalists dressed in white as he broke into the song’s gospel-influenced chorus.

UK viewers praised presenter Graham Norton’s catty commentary for his ‘British sarcasm’ – after he compared the Albanian contestant’s dress to a Christmas tree.

This year’s show kicked off with an Olympic-style flag parade to introduce the finalists and featured a performance by a cohort of the musical extravaganza’s former stars.

Sadly, Great Britain’s entry Michael Rice did not perform too well in the song contest and finished in 26th position 

Israel’s Netta Barzilia and Dana International – both previous winners – were joined by Swedish champion Mans Zelmerlow for a performance of Omer Adam’s song Tel Aviv, during which the 26 contestants were introduced before taking their seats to one side of the stage.

The finalists perform for the international public vote, which will make up 50 per cent of the total vote, with the other half determined by a professional jury in each participating country, who cast their votes during performances on Friday.

However the jury vote from Belarus was not counted in the final score on Saturday evening because the country’s officials broke the rules by revealing who they had voted for during Thursday’s semi-final.

Madonna raised some eyebrows with her performance of the evening – and attracted some scatting remarks from Graham Norton about the eye-patch she wore 

The chair of the Belarussian jury Valeri Prigun, said on Tuesday that the jury voted ‘almost unanimously’ and that he favoured Estonia, Czech Republic and Georgia.

Other members said gave their highest marks to Australia. Belarus’ own entry – 16-year-old Zena came one place above the UK – second from bottom.

As per one of Eurovision’s most famous quirks, fans can vote up to 20 times but will be unable to select their own country’s entry.

The UK’s Michael Rice performed 16th, after Norway but before Iceland, whose techno-punk outfit Hatari had been among the favourites to win.


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