Daily horoscope for December 3: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Thursday’s horoscope is heavily influenced by the Moon remaining in the emotional sign of Cancer the Crab. Many people may consequently feel a little more moody than usual.

The Crab is notorious for becoming uncooperative and even a little defensive at the slightest provocation at certain times.

As a result, once the armour is erected you most likely will be unable to get anything out of certain people.

Defence is the best strategy at such times and some are considered a threat until proven otherwise as far as Cancer goes.

Protecting said space from all and sundry is thought to be a priority – even if this arrives in the form of a friend.

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There is consequently no shame associated with obeying the need to retreat inward today.

But although an urge to not be disturbed at this time is understandable, close family and friends should always be exempt.

The star sign Cancer is as highly imaginative and it is considered impenetrable.

The select few allowed inside such a person are often considered to be tricky to navigate.

The Cancer Moon is also believed to be an auspicious occasion for getting one’s house in order.

Wherever this Zodiac sign is positioned in your birth-chart, that is where you should expect to feel irrational, suspicious and on the defensive.

However, on the positive side, this is also where loyalty is more important than ever, regardless of what is thrown at you.

This Thursday is best considered as a time to conduct a long-overdue internal audit of sorts.

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Sparks fly on the relationship front as the Moon later Trines the planet Venus.

Trines are aspects arriving when two celestial bodies are positioned approximately 120 degrees distant.

And this is swiftly followed with a Square of the red planet Mars as the day turns dusky.

Squares are aspects capable of revealing tensions affecting a wide array of people.

A consequence of this sees feelings of love and friendship abound.

However, they require some heroic action on your part – the question is are you prepared to fight for what you believed in.

If you are, you can expect to be handsomely rewarded for your troubles.

But come tonight, Pluto challenges the Moon and you’re back on the defensive.

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